“My kids? My kids would never do such a horrendous thing!”

If you weren’t such a lush ma’am, then maybe you would have time to teach those two heathens of yours some respect!

This comes from saturday night. A couple and their two kids come in to eat. They’re picky. Picky as hell. I find out that they’d already been drinking and not tipping at the bar while the kids play games. They end up getting a bottle of faux wine from me. The kids come back to talk to their parents, and I watch one of them throw a note into the booth behind theirs. I grab the note. “You have the biggest ears ever, DUMBO”. Now that stopped really bothering me YEARS ago. I have big ears, just somethin that I was born with. So instead of confronting the table for the kids (11 and 13) lack of respect, I took the note to one of my managers, and let him do it. Told him it didn’t really bother me, but apparently it bothered him. He told them off, and the mother proceeded to go off on a rant to me. “Ma’am, I’m not discussing this with you.” I said that 2 or 3 times before I walked off.

They wanted to take their bottle of wine with them. Manager from above refused to let them take it. Half of their check comped, and no tip, not that I really expected one anyway. I got a note from them on their credit card slip saying “Thanks for ruining our evening, Truly.” I just smiled and walked off. My other three tables were awesome, and tipped me quite well. Bills paid, food bought, Happy Steven =-).

Tonight. Fathers Day. HELL.

I get to work and food is taking 30 minutes or longer all afternoon. No bussers, one food runner, no dish-washer. I play catch up in my venue, get tea, then get stuck with a party of 20. Separate checks. 16 kids and 4 adults. Exact ratio of adults to kids needed to stay in the building. As soon as I drop off the drinks to all three tables of kids, I have to get about 4o refills before I can even TAKE their orders…..I hate children…

Children were in there all night….I hate children….


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