If you cuss me out, you’re probably not going to be served right

It was a slow night at my job tonight, at least in the beginning. Toward the end of the night, I got a little business once I was the only cocktail in the game room.

I walked up to a table that had been sitting for a couple of minutes, went through my spiel, and the gentleman ordered a drink from me. I asked him for his ID, and he told me that the bartender had it. I asked him if he had a tab running, he said yes. I told him that I’d have to start a new tab for the table if he wanted to order from me, and he said he’d just order from the bar. That was fine….until about 10 minutes later.

“Are you supposed to be my waiter or something?” It was the woman from his table. I stopped at the table. “Ma’am, I was told by your friend that you already had a tab runnin at the bar, and you’ll have to order from her.” Keep in mind, that neither of them told me they’d be paying separately.

“Well I need to order some food.” I decide to be nice and take the order for the bartender, who is slow as dirt mind you, and give it to said bartender.

“Can I order off the kid’s menu?” Hell no, bitch, you cant. But what I really said was, “Ma’am, the kids menu is for kids, 12 and under. I can ask my manager, but I can tell you what he’ll say.” “Well get to it then.” Not the best way to get me to help you out honey, not the best way at all. I ask my manager, and he tells me no.

“That’s just fucked up.” What the Hell do I care if you can’t order from the kids menu or not. You’ve already pissed me off. I take her order and give it to the bartender.

A little while later, I walk past the table again, and Cuntilishis is sitting there with no drink. I don’t know if it’s because she hasn’t got her id or what, but I stop by there again. “Are you gonna be drinking anything? Need a glass of water?”

“I ordered my fuckin drink 10 mintues ago. Yall are so goddamn slow.” If this bitch cusses me again I’m gonna have her thrown out.

“Well, ma’am, you didn’t order it from me, and if you continue to use that language with me, I’m going to have you escorted out of here.”

“Excuse me?” “You heard me.” “well, you all fuckin suck.” “Well, I’ll just let you tell the manager all of this.”

Turns out, she wanted to pay cash for her drinks, which noone told me, even though I asked. I got her two drinks, pissed her off asking for her ID to serve her, and ended up telling her to pay her tab before I called the manager on her.

Restaurant guests, when you talk to your server like a dog, chances are youre gonna get shitty service. Keep that in mind when you come in acting ghetto as hell, when you run us like dogs, and when you come in acting ghetto as hell.


One thought on “If you cuss me out, you’re probably not going to be served right

  1. Yup. I’m polite to every scumbag that comes in…..until they cuss at me. The first time you drop the f-bomb or call me a bitch, you’re done.

    I’ve never understood why you would piss off the people that (1) You want drugs from, and (2) Have big needles. But whatever…..

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