Been a few days

And the people who come into my job are just as stupid as always. Tonight, we introduced new “tab procedures”. Tab procedures consist of us either taking a guests credit card or paying out their check each time they order something. Now. At games, in the bowling and billiard areas, and the bars, I can understand taking a credit card/credit card numbers, but not from guests sitting at the tables. This was implemented on a FRIDAY FUCKING NIGHT of all nights. So, basically, I made 47 bucks, people didn’t wanna order after they paid for their meals, didnt want to order any dessert, didnt want to get more drinks. Those that DID give their credit card numbers were pissed as hell behind it.

Tab experience number 1: Two black guests. Seemed to be understanding. They decide they don’t want to start a tab, and at risk of my job, I let them slide, because I was busy and didn’t have time to piss them off. They pay with a credit card before they leave, and the table beside theirs informed me about overhearing “It’s becuase we’re black”.

Tab experience number 2: “Why should we have to start a tab while we’re sitting at a table?” “Sir, I don’t know, it’s a corporate policy that I have no control over.” “That’s just fucked up”. Guests leave.

Tab experience number 3: Guests give card number, are understanding, and gladly run the tab and keep their table open. While table is open, not being bussed, two more black guests come in. They stand before said table. I walk up to said table. “Can we sit here?” “No ma’am, I still have guests sitting here, they are currently running a tab with me. Until they have paid out, I can’t bus the table.” “So that means we cant sit down?” “Ma’am, I do apologize, but as I said, I can’t bus the food off the table until the guests have gone.” “I think thats bullshit, you just don’t want to wait on black people. Youre a fucking racist.” Walked out the door before I could say anything else.

I’m not going to be a conformist with these new fucking procedures for much longer, it’s costing me money, and I hate to say it, but most of the black and redneck guests have been really fucking offended by it, as would I if I were in their place.

Corporate is getting a long letter signed by all the cocktails soon….


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