“Uh…we just didn’t know where you were at..”

I know it’s been a while since I posted here, sorry bout that, been on vacation and working buku hours at my job. Sometimes even we servers actually get busy. Anyhoo.

Today’s title comes from one of my last tabs in the bowling venue of my job. I was out at another bar (the bowling bar isn’t open on sunday nights anymore) getting drinks from one of my lanes when I noticed a couple walking toward the front door. I glanced into the bowling area to see that their lane was off, meaning they’d paid out and were ready to go.

“Hey guys, ya’ll planning to pay?” hey, I’m a hick, and I’m proud of it, so no ya’ll comments.

“Uh…we just didn’t know where you were at….”

“Were you planning on looking for me outside? Perhaps I was outside having a smoke? Perhaps in my car having a joint?”

“We just couldn’t find you”

“So you were perhaps planning on returning tomorrow to pay your tab, maybe next week?”

Needless to say, I didn’t get a tip from them after I finally got them to pay out with me. Trash

I worked a 14 hour shift yesterday, and I’ll never do it again. I didn’t even get a thank you for doing it, much less offered a free meal or credits for games or anything. Never do that again. I’m also being forced to re-take my certified trainer class, being that some people complained about how they were trained. I’m sorry, but when I”m the only person in a venue, with 12 lanes, and 8 billiard tables, and 8 of those lanes filled with parties, the other 4 with 3 and 4 people each, and billiard tables all around, it’s a little hard to train someone who has never served before, or someone who just wont listen to anything.

More tomorrow


“Where’s your cheap meal menu?”

That was the first thing out of the old “Hovaround” man’s mouth Friday night.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, what’s cheap here?” Nothing you old bat.

“Burgers and appetizers are gonna be the cheapest, sir.” I replied, barely able to hide the malice in my voice.

“Well how much is that gonna be? We don’t understand your menu.” How the fuck can you not, the food is clearly labled, and there are prices right next to each menu item.

“I don’t know sir, the prices are in the menu.” Fuckhead

“But we don’t understand yalls menu. Don’t yall got some tater salad or college cheese?” No you fuckwit, it’s not fuckin cracker barrel

“No, sir, it isn’t cracker barrel”

“Well how much is a salad?”

“what kind of salad sir?”

“a chickin salad”

“8 dollars.”

“That’s too fuckin much”

“Then don’t eat” I ended up getting the old codger a house salad, his friend a house salad, and tripping over the thirty cords he had plugged innto the floor reaching the 8 foot to his table, including his phone charger, his hovaround charger, his ham radio, and god knows what else.

Then we have the fucker who thought that being rude to me would get him more beer. All it got him was cut off. Let that be a lesson.