People think they can get away with anything

Ok, I know I keep promising more frequent posts, and it doesn’t happen, but I’ve been busy! I got a promotion at work, I’m now teaching training classes, aiding my dept. head with various duties, and learning more about the shift lead position I’m trying to actually get, instead of just doing most of that job. That being said…

Why do people who work under you think they can get away with not doing things?

A few weeks ago, we had a server, Ms. K, who, along with the other three servers on the floor, was told to clean out her booth cracks…aka…crumb catchers. She refused to do it, based on the pricked finger a toothpick gave her a few weeks prior. I refused to sign her out to be cashed out, and the cash out employee refused to take her money until she had my signature. We both did our jobs, Ms. K refused to do hers. Ms. K spent an hour trying to get signed out without doing anything, and at the end of the hour, after going off on me and threatening to have her father (who works for corporate) fire me, she was reported to the managers by two employees, for calling me a faggot behind my back. She’s now been fired after an investigation. I may be gay, but that doesn’t mean I need to be insulted and harassed at my job for doing my job.

This past sunday, Mr. S was told to carry a tray. Tray service is NOT optional at my job, so when I told him he needed to use one for his 10 drinks he was making return trips to carry out, his response was “Psh, I’m not carrying a damn tray”. Said server also thought he would pull a fast one on me with his silverware. We had two bins at our service station, and he proceeds to take one out, and claim that he rolled it. Wrong again buddy, you were seen doing it. Not rolling it, but pulling it out. We all know better. So he gets written up. Another reason for the write up is because when he finally rolled his silverware, half of it was rolled wrong, either knives and spoons, forks and spoons, or just spoons. Last time you pull one over on me Mr. S, because you’ve just turned me into an anal shift leader. I’m tired of babysitting. Grow the fuck up and do your job right.

Ms. T was also written up Sunday night. She, an African American female, refused to serve three other African American females, tellin them that they were sitting in my section. They waited 10 minutes for me, and I had no clue that Ms. T had let them know I’d be serving them, till they yelled my name. I told them Ms. T would be right with them, as they were in HER section, and as I was going to get their drink order and let them know we’d be buying dessert, they heard Ms. T yell at me “I’m not taking a fuckin table at 10pm”. You ain’t cut yet honey, you’re still picking up tables. The ladies left, but not before telling the manager how they liked me and how Ms. T offended them.

I ask again, why do people think they can get away with anything?


2 thoughts on “People think they can get away with anything

  1. Wow. Most corporations have strict policies prohibiting family members from supervising each other. K’s threat to call Daddy was way out of line and should have been enough for corrective action without getting into the whole fag thing. And the toothpick injury? I used to work polishing glass and we’d cut ourselves, sometimes pretty badly, and continue working. What a bunch of pussies…

  2. Sometimes, young kids at work just think they are to good to do the job. Prehaps Mr. MsT’s Daddy, should have taught her the meaning of a hard earned buck.

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