In my previous post, I mentioned my new position as a classroom trainer. I’ve decided that I enjoy that position, except for a few small details. The training program at my job is useless. The trainers before me have changed it just enough that people aren’t retaining anything at all, no matter what we try. They have shortened the length of the classroom training from 3 hours to 2 hours, and people are failing tests left and right. I even had a girl last week texting. A guy this week who fell asleep. They’re all nice people, but I can’t continue to teach people who don’t want to be taught. Thats partially the fault of the managers, and partially the fault of the trainees. It used to be that we would tell them to not come back when they slept, or played on their phones or just plain didn’t listen. But now, we have to put up with it, and work with these rejects because our managers don’t know how to hire properly, and they won’t let me change the training program back to what it was. Just a rant.


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