Debunking the “Rules for Eating out: The customers point of view”

So I’ve been reading some blogs on here pertaining to restaurants and restaurant servers, and some of the things I’ve read have upset me a little.


7 thoughts on “Debunking the “Rules for Eating out: The customers point of view”

  1. Did you write this in response to Spring1’s comments? If so, didn’t it cross your mind that she’s psychotic? I’ve seen her troll other blogs with the same crazy schtick.

  2. I’ll just speak to a couple of issues:

    People who don’t want automatic refills are stupid. I’m not at all opposed to having a pitcher brought to me so I can serve myself when I get thirsty. I notice that usually the amount of my tip goes up if my drink stays full.

    I don’t like having someone upsell me either, but I do understand it’s not the server’s fault; I blame people in general, since *someone* has to buy in when upsold, otherwise, companies wouldn’t require it.

    Perhaps you could comment further on the change issue. I don’t mind if a server rounds up or down with change (usually they get most if not all of what I put with the ticket anyway). What can tick me off is when a server asks if I want change back…it seems rude, and perhaps a bit pretentious. Most of the time I go out to eat, I’m with a person using a debit card, so it really doesn’t seem like an efficiency issue as the server will have to come back to the table after we leave to pick up the ticket anyway. Any thoughts on this particular issue?

  3. I love it when my glass is kept full, if it is not then I don’t enjoy my meal. My only request is that everyones food comes out at the same time. I hate it when they bring the peoples food out and the other person has to wait, then we all have to wait so as not to be rude and our food gets cold, I hate to pay twenty some dollars for cold food. Otherwise, I recognize what a hard job serving is and always try to leave a good tip, and i do realize it is not the servers fault when the food isn’t ready at the same time.

  4. I’m not going to respond to every single part of your diatribe here Springs1, just a couple of things. First, the change thing. It’s out of our own money that we give you 50 cents instead of 40, mainly because we’re not going to jeopardize guest service to go and hunt you down change for that quarter, just take the dime extra. We’re not in a register here, so why whine. The only person that loses out on that one is us. And yes, sometimes the guest might lose out on that dime, if they are supposed to have 60 cents and we only have 50. or if they’re supposed to get a dime back and we just dont have it. Who really gets pissed off about that? You seem to be getting a little too emotional. You like the word steal a lot too.

    Also, this little part of your comment just makes you seem shitty and a bit snotty,
    “Also, one time for instance I got delivered fries instead of potato salad from another server that ran my food one time. Even though my server may have put the order in correctly, doesn

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