Just because a buffet is set up doesn’t mean it’s for you

So last night I had to work a private party, with an appetizer buffet set up.


9 thoughts on “Just because a buffet is set up doesn’t mean it’s for you

  1. arrrgh!!!! I’m having nightmares & flashbacks about the years I spent waiting tables…. *shudders of horror* I totally, completely understand EVERYTHING about your night – i’ve had nights like that too. Congrats on keeping your sanity and not killing anyone! And, I’m with you on the church parties…. I used to groan and try to hide when large church parties came in…they are the rudest and WORST tippers ever. What is so sad about that statement is that i AM a church person — (one that tips VERY well, and is NOT rude or obnoxious) and still, i hated waiting on church people because of how they are. It’s SAD! ack, about to go on a rant here, so I’ll shut up now, lol – that just makes me sooo mad. ack!

  2. I want to come and eat at your establishment. I’m not rude, my children are well behaved, and I do tip based on the service I receive. I also understand unavoidable delays and busy nights. I would love to have you be my server.

    However, I have been to some restaurants where my sever resembled you and your work ethics not at all.

    I enjoy your blog. It’s probably nice to have a place to blow off steam from the rude people.

    I don’t think you are prejudiced. If the stereo type mentioned here, doesn’t fit you, the author obviously didn’t mean “you”.

  3. LOL .. you poor thing, that had to take every last ounce of restraint you borrowed against your future grandkids.

    Now, a friend of mine and I had lunch at a nice Italian place. We’re both Christian, tho’ I tend to be shy and private unless asked about it, whereas he’s a budding minister.
    Anyway when we finished, our tip INCLUDED a card to visit our church if the server wanted to, but along with it was a substantial gratuity. He figured if we’re going to make any impression at all, we need to make her happy too, not just grin stupidly with a perfunctory ‘blessing’ as we saunter out of her life, leaving her none the richer in her eyes.

    If people give you large tips in addition to an invite card, is that still a huge NO-NO??

  4. Kim. If there’s a tip included with the card, I’ll be honest, most servers normally throw the card away. I hate to be like that, but it’s true. It’s not so much a no-no as it is usually pointless. Most servers are not the most religious people. I say most because there are some who go to church religiously every Sunday. I’m not personally one of them. Most of us just have our own beliefs.
    Also, it’s not always the invite card that gets us, it’s just the prayer card. It’s the little Christian comic book. It’s the little manual of sins. Invite cards don’t bother us as much because they do normally contain a tip also. Those others, they usually don’t.

  5. Ribeye,
    ya that makes sense. I guess one has to use instinct to deign the likelihood of the server’s keeping the card, but it’s a toss-up, and I sometimes wonder if I might have caught that server on one of their WORST days .. one on which such an invitation could matter more. Of course it can have the opposite effect of being torn to bits, lol .. Oh well.
    For myself, I very much dislike anybody trying to coerce me into a religious venture, even though I’m a believer. I need to feel drawn to it or forget it.

    Thanks for the response.

  6. I effin’ hate, HATE Jesus Beaters. Usually, they lack all ability to reason and are the most hate-filled war mongers on the face of the planet. My mother is one of those “compassion-filled Christ-ites” who thinks telling stories about how Jehovah’s Wintess and Mormon’s are going to hell and thinks it her Xtian duty to tell an 18yo who was pregnant, unmarried and just found out she had AIDS, “oh well, that’s the consequences of sin.” Most are dumb as posts to boot, which makes swallowing whale stories a whole lot easier.

    Anywho..I also hate effin’ niggers of ANY color. Some people should selectively remove themselves from the gene pool or be given a side of rat point with their “ghettoaide”. Chicken wings on the floor? My 15mos old doesn’t even throw food on the floor.

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