Obesity is spreading and it’s making people cranky

Hello again everyone, and welcome back.


6 thoughts on “Obesity is spreading and it’s making people cranky

  1. No way?! They got stuck?! Bwahahahaha! That is friggin’ priceless. I feel so bad for your coworker having to get under the table. Seriously, he ought to get hazard pay for that. Free drinks for life, something, because that was going way beyond his job description.

  2. I just want to say “thank you” to the servers who put up with my necessary substitutions due to having gastric bypass (I don’t mind paying extra either). I’m not one of those obese women you were talking about in your post (gawd, I couldn’t imagine eating THAT MUCH food, and being so damn rude about it too!).

    I do have one question for you, since I couldn’t find the answer in your prior posts (I went back through the month of Sept, still need to read further back – you’re very entertaining!).

    Is it better for you to have your customers leave a cash tip, or if paying with a credit card, a tip on the card? Do you get the cash that night, or does it go into your paycheck if you are tipped on a credit card?

    PS – I always tip a bare minimum of 20%. I’ve even tipped as high as 50% for a server going far beyond my expectations of excellence.

  3. Let me clear the tears from my eyes, god I was laughing so hard at the end.

    I’ll tell you what annoys me even more than this. Obese people who come in to eat and bring their children with them and order like these women did. The children copy the parent/whatever and order too much food as well. Usually the child is already showing signs of obesity too. The cycle will never end as long as people drink ranch dressing.

    On a side note, Aquanetta, that name alone just made my morning LOL.

  4. atyourcervix: To answer your question, it doesn’t matter how you leave the tip if you are a tabled/lane/game guest. We will get the tip that night. The only time we don’t get the tip that night is when we work a private party, where the party room or lanes are booked in advance, then the gratuity goes on our paycheck.
    I tip through the roof myself, and even if the service sucks, I tip a bare minimum of 10 percent, that usually covers the tipout and leaves them a buck or two. I also make sure to tell them why.
    I don’t mind putting up with things for surgical problems, and I usually don’t mind substitutions as long as people let me know from the start and get all of them in at one time, instead of one thing each trip. I’ve had a friend go through gastric b-pass, and I’d do anything for her.
    Thank you all for reading btw

  5. Hilarious! Although I doubt alfredo was a healthier option. Pasta is a horrid harborer or calories and my god, alfredo? Might as well cut your veins open and pour in melted lard!

    You are my new favorite blogger!

  6. Sweet Mother of GOD! That is one of the funniest damn blogs I have ever read. My eyes are still tearing up at that story….

    Your name selection of your “guests” was the icing on the cake!

    I have a new favorite blog to read! Keep em’ coming!

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