“What’s wit dis white cracka music?”

I’d like to preface this post by saying thank you to Benji B, who told me what happened so that I could relay it to all of you. This is NOT my personal experience, but I was in the building when it happened.

Imagine if you will, being a server on a dead night. Imagine if you will, a group of minorities sitting in your section. Imagine if you will, one of the two ladies (and I use the word ladies loosely) in the party of five makes sure to tell you as she orders her MGD, “Oh and there’s a catch, I don’t tip.” Poor Mr. A, who had to serve this group. The “lady” with the tipping issue at some point didn’t bother waiting for Mr. A to get back to the table while he was checking on their food or something, so she ordered an MGD from the bar. They put it on Mr. A’s tab. They apparently ran him to death on little things. Long story that I haven’t gotten all of cut short, their tab was 43 and some change, and the “lady” who said she doesn’t tip left 80 cents.

Fast forward about 15 minutes after they pay their bill at the table. They go to Benji’s bar. (I’ve used his name with his permission, it’s not something I normally do here) For the remainder of this post, I’m going to name the “lady” Siliconna, based on the fakeness of her upper body. Siliconna and her friends were a little loud, and Benji got them some drinks. Siliconna ordered another MGD, then says “I’m short on cash. Go get that dolla I left that other guy so I can pay for this”

Benji replied “I’m not going to do that to him.”


4 thoughts on ““What’s wit dis white cracka music?”

  1. Dancing on the bar is a liability issue. What about hygiene issues? Or don’t fuck up the surface with you spike heels issues? Or just basic civilized behavior issues?

    Dude, your clientele sounds like they have serious issues.

  2. wow. “I don’t tip”.
    that’s nice lady. then I’ll let you know when your food is ready and you can fetch it yourself. Stupid hoe.

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