Why can’t there be a happy balance.

Let me start this off with a message to Leslie, who was kind enough to comment a couple of my posts.

First of all, if you’d seen some of my other posts, I bitch about white people and hispanic people just the same.


3 thoughts on “Why can’t there be a happy balance.

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog, and I’ve seen references to white trash as well. I love your ebonics, and I’m a bleeding heart white liberal formerly raised in part by a black step-father. I swear I have no prejudice. It’s not the blackness that’s funny. It’s the trashiness, and you capture it beautifully. Black trash sound different from white trash.

    Also, loved the story of the man and three ladies at the buffet waiting on their chicken wings. And the kid on wheels. And the cheapskate who wanter eighty cent tip back to spend on herself. Give ’em hell.

  2. White trailer trash talk about the same anyway. Ghetto trash or trailer trash, they are getting more pervasive because they breed faster than those of us who have to work, we’re too tired for sex.

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