Okay Springs, stop now

You’re really starting to annoy my readers.


18 thoughts on “Okay Springs, stop now

  1. Springs is basically just a miserable troll with OCD and anger issues.

    My favorite is how she acts like “HER TIME” is so precious. Let’s get real. If you go out to eat, freak the fuck out about your server and harass other servers about it over the internet as much as Springs does then I think it’s safe to say you have a shit-ton of time on your hands.

    I don’t see why she even bothers to go out anymore. It’s clear that she refuses to have a good time in a restaurant so what’s the point? Fire up your own oven and shut the fuck up. Or better yet, get a job as a server. Since she knows how to be the PERFECT server she should have no problem raking in millions.

  2. do you have a way of blocking certain comments? or maybe moderating them? they’re clearly just attempting to get a rise out of you. don’t waste your time on them.

  3. This is for springs who doesn’t allow comments on her blog.
    springs, after reading your replies to the tipping post and your single entry on your blog I have come to he conclusion that you are a jackass.
    I am ASSUMING you are a high maintenance bitch or an idiot. I have never heard of anyone having so many bad experiences when dining out; if I were you I’d stay home to eat.
    While I do agree with somethings you’ve said on YOUR blog, like bringing proper condiments, extra napkins…most of it is just inane babbling. There are certain things servers are REQUIRED to do as part of their job like bring salsa and chips, water without people asking. As for checking how a plate looks in comparison to the picture, that was a joke right? Next time you order a BigMac tell them it doesn’t look like the picture and see what they say.
    Another thing you mentioned, half-filled sides of condiments…also something that the server usually has control over, many places only do half-fills.
    I’d love to know where you go out to eat so I could observe you in all your glory. I would then like to have a little chat with your servers who probably cringe every time they see you coming through the door.

  4. Springs is insane. She lives off Social Security disability income, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for tipping.

    I’ve been reading the foodie/waiter blogs for a few years now. She’s done this to all of them. You’re only her latest obsession. Honestly, do you think a normal person is going to leave multiple thousand word comments in someone’s blog?

    You’re already moderating this. Just hit the delete button and be done with the nut case.

  5. I’m going to start doing just that if the thousand word comments don’t stop, but I’m trying to NOT do that, I don’t like censoring free speech. I’ve already told her to knock it off, and now I’ve made this post. If it continues, I’ll just add her to my spam list, and keep adding her for every e-mail address, website, and IP address she uses. I love comments, just not in the form of essays

  6. Who the hell is this person? Everyone is talking about this fat female w/ OCD on bitterwaitress too. I need a sense of reference!

  7. Holy crap. This bitch is totally pathetic. She just likes to type shit & then read it back. She says you write essay blogs so it’s ok for her responses to be the same. HELLO??!! It’s YOUR blogs! They can be as long as you want them to be. Who writes an entire page response for one comment alone & repeats the same thing the ENTIRE time?! She wrote a whole damn page bitching about how full a container was when it was delivered to her!! She’s seriously not normal & if I were you, then I would fear for my safety if she ever came into contact with me. Cause she obviously isn’t playing with a full deck of cards. Everyone else on here knows that & agrees with you because she’s a whack job & you’re RIGHT ABOUT IT ALL!!!!!

  8. Mary
    “Who writes an entire page response for one comment alone”


    “then I would fear for my safety if she ever came into contact with me.”

    Now that is STUPID. I am “NORMAL” person that just wants WHAT I ORDERED. If I order a “SIDE”, WHY is the server too STUPID TO NOTICE THAT IT ISN’T a “SIDE?” If you can tell it’s NOT a FULL SIDE, DON’T BRING IT TO ME. IT’s LIKE DUH! I would make sure my customers would have enough of what they ordered if I was server, because I would CARE about my customers. If someone asks for 2 sides of something, shouldn’t that tell you they want **A LOT** of the stuff? It’s just common sense to bring them what they ordered. I do NOT care if they prefilled them halfways. It’s just like the expo put fries instead of beans on my plate. You just don’t bring out the something that is INCORRECT to the customer. It’s just a bit of COMMON SENSE. I don’t have to be a waitress to understand what to bring out and what not to bring out to a customer.

  9. springs,
    The problem is youre not right, just ignorant. Everyone starts out caring about their customers.. after a while though it wears you down, the rudeness and super picky people (I used to work commission at a Dept. store where one memorable day I spent 2 hours with a woman determining which blouse was whiter {same blouse, same lot, same manufacturer, same bloody color}. Honestly mistakes happen, even to the est of us and I noticed you didnt answer me whether you’ve got the nerve to treat other service people the way you treat servers.

  10. Enough already! You aren’t proving that you’re right! You aren’t proving anything except that you are crazy! You so obviously do not get that you will NEVER understand unless you are a server. If I went into work & ran things the way you assume they should be, then I would piss people off, not make money, & probably not be serving anymore. You say that if people were really doing things they shouldn’t like not charging for certain things, then we would be fired. Not true either. Demoted maybe. You don’t seem to get that. At my job, we have STRICT TRAINING PROCEEDURES. As far as the refills go, we are TRAINED to AUTOMATICALLY refill the beverage when it gets HALF WAY DOWN. If I did things your way, that would clearly be not following my training & I could be demoted. Things CANNOT be run the way you assume & want them to be. You don’t get that because you have NO CLUE what it’s like or what you’re talking about. oh yeah, & you have the nerve to say that I’m a mean person???!!! That is the biggest joke I have heard in a while. I guarantee that I am the NICEST & SWEETEST server at my job. & anyone there would back that up. You just think that being proven wrong is mean. Just give it up already.

  11. Springs,
    Let’s presume you’re absolutely correct in all your statements. Okay, let’s imagine everybody agrees with what you hold true.
    That’s not the point.
    You can be 1000% right about in everything you say, but with the ATTITUDE you have, nothing you say MATTERS. I’m sorry, but while initially I was seeing things from your point of view, I got worn-out from the aggressive, intense negativity.
    It seems to me (and maybe to others) that you get a charge out of the drama, otherwise why would you keep subjecting yourself to the service you frown upon so much?
    .. bottom line is that I think you’re just being critical because it gives you a sense of superiority and power.
    If you were the PERFECT SERVER, I don’t think I’d be very happy; you’re mean, and you want to put everybody else down (including myself, I expect, once you see this). OH, and there’s not much point posting a long response at me on your page because I won’t bother to read it.
    I wish you could take stock of yourself and try to mellow out. I feel sorry for you.

  12. what a nut. It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do then to pick on people.

    I once had a customer throw chili on my preggers employee after she put cheese on it. IT COMES THAT WAY!

    I then proceeded to slather the preggers girl in mustard so she wouldnt burn badly, called the cops and didnt notice when another bowl of chili “accidently” fell on him.

    Bastard. I imagian Spring is something like that. Mayhap not violent, but with someone so…unhinged you never do know.

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