Another new RagingServer addition

If you all will look to the sidebar on the right, you’ll notice that I’ve added a poll. This poll is going to be started every Friday night (or Saturday morning about 1-2 am when I get off work), and ended the next week when a new poll goes up. These are going to be weekly, so vote while you can, and I’ll post the results every week. Let’s have fun with it everyone! First poll:



2 thoughts on “Another new RagingServer addition

  1. I really don’t pay attention to the waiter. Nothing personal, I don’t pay attention to anybody. Usually I find myself wondering if ours is the fat blond or the tall redhead, so disinterested am I in the whole “my name is” chit chat thing. I’m supposed to introduce myself to the customers at my own job, but I never do unless asked. And I don’t ask how they are because I work in an emergency room and I assume they’re either sick or faking being sick and either way I can read it in the chart.

  2. I’d like to select option#2 “I like a casual, low maintenance conversationist”, but I’m getting an error message that it’s not a valid option.

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