Stupid Name(s) of the week: First installment

I’m starting a new weekly series, and I’m sure some of you are going to love it.


9 thoughts on “Stupid Name(s) of the week: First installment

  1. I knew a woman named Silver. Middle name Ree. I work in a library and some of our patrons have ordinary names, but they spell them oddly. I can’t even list the many ways there are to spell Michaela. Then there’s Gynipher. Pronounced Jennifer.

  2. Renata is a name but it’s not common, and I have never before seen it spelled Renattah. A girl in my HS graduating class was Renata.

  3. Here are a couple real names, and yes, I’ve actually met the people in question.

    One of my sorority sisters had a brother named Mike. Their last name was Hunt. Mike Hunt. Booooooooo…

    I taught a young lady named Kinda Short.

    There was another young wonam in this town named Jenna Till. Say that three times fast.

    However the worst is a man I met named Richard Head. He went by Dick. Yep, Dick Head.

    That had to get him slapped a lot in bars!

  4. I have a relative that works in a large metro city ER and they get tons of funny names:

    Shithead (pronounced shi-theed)

    Female (pronounced Feh-mall-ay)

    and Propecia (the hair growth drug) is pretty popular as well.

  5. I once worked a temp job doing data entry of public assistance health claims, and one person’s child was actually named Funky Salami.

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