“I need some hot wadda”

Why is it that when you are having a busy as Hell shift, and you get a table that runs you like a dog before you even get to take their order.


13 thoughts on ““I need some hot wadda”

  1. I have never heard of people soaking silverware. If the silverware and glasses are washed in the same machine wouldn’t the water in the glass be contaminated as well? I’m sorry you had a crappy table and no tip. However, it makes for a great post which I love to read.

  2. I had a friend who’s baby was burned by some jackass who wanted hot water to soak their silverware, and then proceeded to knock the water off the server’s tray when they grabbed for it.

    That was the first time I had heard of it.

    People can be so fucking idiotic.

  3. Bless their hearts, the ghetto folk wash their silverware in the hot water, because where they live all the flatware is so crusty-gross and visibly disgusting. If they haven’t picked it out of the dish-filled sink on their way back from the fat-food restaurant.

    And Wry_Exchange might second this: most of the places where the folks are dirt poor, back country, no indoor plumbing–we at least knew enough to spend our time keeping what little we had as clean as possible. Our elbow grease was purt-near free. When you expect the gubbermint to give you everything in the ghetto, though, you don’t value anything. Much less try to take care of it and keep it clean.

  4. People did that ALL THE TIME at Dave & Busters… its so annoying. We WASH all of our silverware. Sometimes they have WATER SPOTS from being washed, but it doesnt mean they are dirty!!

  5. What is the quality of restaurants or rather lack of quality that would cause people to consider doing their sanitizing? I would leave and consider never eating at a place with such dirty silverware. Now I have sent silverware with waterspots on it but usually the waiter admitted they were nasty looking and got me replacement silverware with no fuss.

  6. hey ribeye,
    I just want to know that I absolutely love your website. i’ve been serving for four years and i have gone through everything you have talked about. it makes me laugh. i do hate though when people are yelling for you when you are with another table. i had some obnoxious lady… i’ll call her Lakeesha… she found a potato hair in her potato and thought it was a human hair, and she was yelling at me while i was taking another order! people are so damn rude sometimes. thanks for all your entertainment!

  7. eatalotout: We wash, sanitize, and polish our silverware, these are people who just don’t trust us to begin with. The silverware in question was perfectly fine, they’re just paranoid fucks that want to do it their way, thinking everyone’s out to get them. As much as we want to fuck with someones food/drink/flatware, we don’t, that means lawsuits and no money

  8. I was shocked because I know OF two people, and, allegedly, their wonderfully creative mom was eating orange and lemon hospital jell-o when they were born.

  9. i absolutely hate when people ask for a cup of hot water!! I just wanna scream at them that they’re completely ignorant and that warm water does not kill or sanitize anything, bacteria and germs actually thrive in hot water (unless it reaches a certain temperature that I can guarantee is not coming out of the coffee pot) – besides if the silverware is so questionable to them, what makes them think the glasses we put the “hot” water in are clean?! They should just stay at home (who would even go somewhere where they felt that the silverware was not clean) cause I definitely don’t want to wait on them!

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