Mixing to-go orders with table service

waiter 2 beers


4 thoughts on “Mixing to-go orders with table service

  1. You are seriously very entertaining! & just so you know, after reading all this shit & putting up with a lot of the same shit, I actually go into work with more confidence. You don’t get into trouble for the shit that you say because you’re intelligent when you say it & the way you phrase things is great. You tell it like it is in a professional way that more servers need to learn. I’m ok at it, but I could learn better to deal with the ghetto trash & the redneck, inbred pricks that come into work. & how’s the whole non-smoking going for yall? Cause I know that we already have one man that says that he’s gonna smoke if he wants to just because he’s a regular. Hasn’t tried it yet, but I hope he gets kicked out when he does!

  2. Love the names…..especially LaSquisha.

    I totally understand where you’re coming from with the ghetto folks. Where I work, the population is about 50% black, and unfortunately, most of them are ghetto! Guess what? The attitudes that need major adjustments are just as prevalent when they’re in the hospital giving birth (or when they are there because their cousin/sister/whoever is giving birth). Total, utter rudeness and ignorance. I have even had to call security to usher some really rude people OUT of the hospital.

  3. The first time you wrote about people tossing bones on the floor, I thought it was a one-time oddity. And bone-throwers are in this post, too. It’s not even emphasized. I’m flabbergasted. Lord, I lead a sheltered life.

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