When you say you’re ready, then ORDER

I’m so tired of going by a table and having them say they’re ready to order, only to have me stand there for 10 minutes waiting as they continue to peruse our choices!


4 thoughts on “When you say you’re ready, then ORDER

  1. Ohhh that’s the worst part of it all. When you say “Why don’t I give you a few more minutes..” and motion to leave.

    “No! Don’t go.. we’re ready… okay umm… ”

    It drives me batty!

  2. Standard issue for servers should be cattle prod, to bring people like that into compliance.

    Sir-line.. ha. Today I heard a guy call those spicy peppers jah-lap-a-nose.

  3. They get one chance and then they’ll need to wait and flag me down and when I am ready I might come back over…. I hate that!!!

  4. I especially like the ones that don’t respond to you at all when you address them. People need to realize that it’s ok if the aren’t ready I will come back, but treating me as if I’m invisible, or acting like they are the only table in the restaurant, and I have nothing better to do than stand there like a dumb ass staring at the ceiling is just FUCKING RUDE

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