Don’t order from the Bar and then sit at my table.

I hate hate HATE it when people do that.


7 thoughts on “Don’t order from the Bar and then sit at my table.

  1. I don’t know what it is about this ‘me first’ attitude the ‘ghetto’ folks seem to unilaterally possess.

    It’s like since their ancestors suffered slavery, there’s this pathetic exaggeration of “rights” and entitlement felt, which totally obliterates any regard for the “rights” of anybody else.

    Does anybody see Jews acting this way? No. Could just be location, but any Jewish people I’ve ever met are dignified, soft-spoken and considerate of others. Their ascendants probably went through similar horror, if not greater .. so I’d be more inclined to empathize with them. Still, they generally (the ones I’ve seen) do NOT flaunt their miserable history: in fact, they’d just as soon forget about it.

    Hear that, Charece?

  2. My ex girlfriend was of Jamaican parentage. Her Father was the most dignified educated man I have ever met.My wife is Chinese. She has 7 brothers and sisters. They had no running water and no electricity. They had enough money to get a half of a pound of pork A MONTH! for the whole family. No other meat..Every one of them went to college and graduated. She waited tables when we first moved her and her very first night !! She asked me: “Why are blacks so mean and uneducated?” Prior to this she had no interaction with black people or anyone other than Chinese people. She has no sympathy for them. We have a few black friends who are totally great and they feel the same way.

  3. Well Jews worked their way out of Ghettos unless certain Christian regimes in the Middle Ages and the 20th century put them in there. Trash both black and white often put themselves as well as their decendants in the ghetto and resist any effort to leave.

  4. What a total moron. Not to mention she totally fucked the dining room up. The hostess could have tried to seat someone there, not knowing someone was already sitting there.

    I guess she also orders from the drive through speaker, and then goes inside to wait for her food?

    My bet is that she did it that way so she thought she wouldn’t have to tip anyone. What the hell is wrong with people?

    And then to have the balls to get mad when the order gets screwed up. I order DRINKS at a bar.. maybe an app. But only a meal if it’s slow, and I am talking to the bartender (my roommate).

  5. eatalotout,
    you have a point which actually supports my pondering: the fact that the ‘ghetto’ folk seem to CHOOSE to be as miserable as possible, demanding their ‘rights’, and being utterly ignorant of the ways they inconvenience others.
    It just seems as if they assume they deserve whatever they want, no matter how rude and obnoxious (and vulgar!) they are.

  6. Well, it’s hard to wallow in pity and be a mean spiteful bitch if you have no “reason” to be.

    The whole slavery thing (though most all seem to forget about indentured servitude) used by people today for any sort of “rights” is just a cop-out. No one alive in the US owned or owes a slave (except corporate America); therefore, no one can be blamed for it.

    “Your anscestors did, so you owe us.” “Well, your anscestors built my house wrong, so you need to fix it.” Those two arguments use the same logic. Neither hold water, but one is brandished as an excuse for unexcusable behavior often.

  7. Slavery is just an excuse for some people not to take responsibility (sp?) for their own shortcomings, as is discrimination, or “my childhood sucked”.

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