People are really demanding at the end of the night

So tonight, about 11 pm (we close at 1 am), I was the only person left on the floor, and was running 8 tables.


30 thoughts on “People are really demanding at the end of the night

  1. Do you work tomorrow night? Cause if you do, then maybe me & my #1 lesbian will come visit you. If I can get her to. & if so, what time do you go in? Cause we’re doing gay day 1st.

  2. I would have brought her extra mayo, and encouraged her to come back every night for the next year, hoping that she’d have an early coronary. But it never works that way, unfortunately. The people who are human waste products will live to be 90 and overrun the world with their half-witted offspring.

  3. Do you not get that it wasn’t his fault at all? It wasn’t that he put his trust in a food runner. HE WAS AT ANOTHER TABLE! THEY RAN IT FOR HIM WHICH MEANT THEY DID THEIR JOB!! HE HAD NO CONTROL OVER THAT WHEN HE WAS HELPING OTHER GUESTS! Servers don’t exactly have the time to bring the damn condiments out before the meal. The fact that he didn’t in NO WAY means that he didn’t care about his table or that he was lazy & uncaring. He did his job according to corporate & the way he was trained. Not your serving rules that come from someone who has no business telling us how to do our jobs to begin with. GO AWAY & QUIT FINDING SHIT TO BITCH ABOUT!!!!!!!!

  4. Springs, I’m only going to say this once. When you decide to serve in a restaurant, a real one, and are running 7 tables at one time, and don’t have time to run to the kitchen in between constant refill requests and bar requests to get a condiment. According to the training at my job and at many other restaurants, if mayo and mustard do not come on the burger, it will come out WITH the burger. Nobody wants to have a ramekin of mayo sitting on their table, open, while they wait for their sandwich. I’m not going to drop everything when I have a ton of tables to go running to the kitchen for a side of mayo when it’s a food runners job to do just that. Yes, they occasionally miss things. IT HAPPENS. I’m forced to agree with the others when they say you look for things to bitch about. Have you ever had a good dining experience?
    You say that it was something that I “CAN do without having to trust someone else that isn’t making the tip.”
    How would you know without ever experiencing it if a server can make it to the kitchen. I’d much rather not get a write up for missing one of the many greets in my area than for missing a couple of dollars from an already hateful bitch over a side of mayo. That’s why we have food runners in the first place, so that tables aren’t missed.
    Sometimes, no matter what you think, servers just don’t have time to go running for a condiment right after the food is entered into the system. Sorry, but your way is not the way things are ever going to be, no matter if you like it or not. Some servers might have time to ignore other tables for you, but not all of us.
    You are the pickiest person I’ve ever had the misfortune to “meet” and I truly hope that I never have to serve you, so please do not ever take a trip to Nashville.

  5. I’m a little late to the show…could someone tell me who this crazy person called Springs is? Just some weird ,bored trailer denizen with entirely too much unemployed time on their hands.. Or what? It seems like a pretty odd hobby. Obsessing about service Faux Pas (real or imagined) at chain restaurants. Get a life.

  6. Springs1 wrote:

    “I have had 8 servers since 2004 that VOLUNTARILY BROUGHT out the condiments BEFORE the food came out WITHOUT ME HAVING TO ASK, NO MATTER WHO BROUGHT OUT THE FOOD…”

    Please make up your mind. In your rules for good service, you state that servers should not bring anything to your table which you did not specifically request.

    So which is it, Springs?

  7. Make up your mind, Springs

    “Please make up your mind. In your rules for good service, you state that servers should not bring anything to your table which you did not specifically request.

    So which is it, Springs?”

    I am *********NOT************* TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE NOT ORDERED. I am talking about things that ARE ORDERED. So let’s say even if I don’t say I want marinara with mozzerella sticks, I am ordering the marinara, because it’s in the description on the MENU that mozzerella sticks COMES with marinara. If I actually “ORDER” something else such as when I order a side of ranch also with mozzerella sticks, then I am actually I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED IT. I DO NOT EXPECT OR WANT servers to bring condiments I don’t ask for. Example would be just recently about a month ago, a waitress brought out ketchup, even though I had my typed up order as to what condiments I did want, so to me, it was obvious I wouldn’t have wanted ketchup. It was nice of her to think of that, but it was just one more thing on the table to be in my way. Another example, would be at Red Lobster about 6 months ago, our waitress actually **ASKED** me if I wanted ketchup **BEFORE** leaving the table after she delivered our food. She would have gotten it for nothing, because I didn’t want ketchup, nor did my husband want ketchup. My point is, if she would have predicted to bring something I NEVER as you said “SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED”, she would have WASTED HER TIME getting something that was NEVER ASKED FOR.

    So, I do NOT get WHY you say “So which is it” as if I expect to have things I don’t order to the table. I am **ONLY** taking about things the customer actually ORDERS. GET THAT? I do NOT have a contradiction in my writing. I am NOT talking about condiments that aren’t ordered.

  8. Thomas Fleming
    “Just some weird ,bored trailer denizen with entirely too much unemployed time on their hands.. Or what?”

    I work 40 hrs a week. I do not have children, so I have lots of time to be on the internet. I still keep my house clean and still have lots of time to do this.

  9. Springs, don’t you have anything else to do but sit around and obsess about resturant service you’ve had? good lord girl, get a hobby.

  10. I think the sheer amount of my weekly regular guests shows just how much I care. I hate it that you don’t get how servers work, but nothing I or anyone else say is going to change your feelings on the matter. You can assume that I’m uncaring and lazy, but the fact is, you’ve never seen me work, so you have no way of knowing that I never stop running. It’s a little harder to do some of the things you expect when you’re running more than a 3 or 4 table section and have demanding guests.

    Plain and simple, you have no right to call me uncaring or lazy, you do not know me. If you did happen to sit in my section, in the area that I work that does not involve a hostess, and request to not have me serve you, I’d be grateful.

  11. Ribeye
    “Plain and simple, you have no right to call me uncaring or lazy, you do not know me.”

    I am calling you that, because ONE side of mayo truly ISN’T that difficult to bring out BEFORE the food comes out. I feel if you CARED if the customer was satisfied, you’d make sure they’d at least have their condiments or condiment. Even if you end up bringing the food out yourself, at least you wouldn’t have forgotten that part at least.

    I am NOT saying you are lazy otherwise. You probably do work very hard. I am trying to make you understand that the main server has to take charge of condiments or things that ARE in their control. You cannot control if you put in my order correctly that I have the wrong side dish delivered by a food runner, but you CAN make sure I have my ranch. Do you understand? I understand you are busy, but people expect their food to come out just as they have ordered it. I don’t feel it should be that much trouble to bring it BEFORE the meal, if you a lot of times have to bring it out AFTER the meal, because of lazy and uncaring food runners that don’t read the tickets.

    “If you did happen to sit in my section, in the area that I work that does not involve a hostess, and request to not have me serve you, I

  12. Ribeye is a GREAT server. He does things the way they are SUPPOSED to be done & with the exception of the bitchy people like Springs1, he makes damn good tips, too. & idiotic fool??!! Are you seriously that diluted??!! IT’S NOT OUR JOB TO BRING IT OUT BEFORE THE MEAL!!!!!! IF YOU ASK, THEN WE WILL TRY TO DO SO! IT IN NO WAY MEANS THAT WE ARE UNCARING OR LAZY OR THAT WE DIDN’T DO OUR JOBS. You’re a frickin moron. Everyone gets that you have had bad experiences. God knows that’s ALL you talk about. But that doesn’t mean you know how to do our job. Get that through your thick head. You basically say that if we do things the way NORMAL people want them, or the way we’re trained, then it’s wrong. You think that everything is aimed toward you & that everything is personal. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT POST BLOGS FOR 2 YEARS ABOUT NOTHING BUT HOW MUCH YOU HATE SERVERS, WHAT WE DO WRONG & HOW TO FIX THEM. THAT’S ALL YOUR BLOGS ARE ABOUT. That’s really weird considering you have NEVER served. Yet you spend ALL of your free time bitching about them. That’s creepy, not normal, & the DUMBEST thing to be hung up on. TWO YEARS. MOVE ON! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  13. When you’re running 7 tables at one time, you’re the only person on the floor, and you can’t get to the kitchen, then yes, that one side of mayo is something I just don’t have time to get. Food runners are trained to bring out the condiments with the food, that’s how it’s supposed to be done, it’s what we give them tip-out for. It has nothing to do with being uncaring, it has to do with being slammed.

    Yes, things do occasionally get missed. They normally don’t. It was later in the night, a couple of hours before close, an hour before the kitchen closed. I had a lot of stuff to do, and that one side of mayo was not on my list of priorities because it was supposed to be brought with the food. The fact that I ended up having to get it myself made my tip-out go down.

    Stop attacking me personally when you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know me, you’re making assumptions about how I use my time at work, and the level of care I give my guests. Not everyone is like you, and most don’t want to be.

  14. I do NOT care if it’s Applebee’s or Denny’s or a fancy restaurant, people deserve GOOD SERVICE NO MATTER **WHERE** YOU GO. NO, I DO NOT DESERVE BAD SERVICE. NO, I DID NOT GET WHAT I DESERVED. WHAT AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE! FUCK PEOPLE LIKE YOU

    I still got that tea bag for ya.

  15. Thomas, I’m not sure who you’re referring to with the Applebees comment, but I’ve always given excellent service, even when I’m at work sick as a dog. I don’t give bad service, even when I want to give bad service. I’m not an asshole, I’m just honest. About 15% of my guests make up the posts on this blog.

    Sometimes these guests feel they get bad service, or they’re just saying they’re getting bad service to get free food, but it’s not normally true. Either way, I will NOT be talked to disrespectfully, and by rights, I could have had that woman escorted from the building from the second she began cursing me out. I prefer to not do that, because word gets around and I will lose money in the long run.

  16. Oh, this is an ongoing beef I’m having with Spring from her blog where she has deleted my posts because she’s a bitch. Nothing to do with you. Love your writing.

  17. Ribeye, I can totally understand why you don’t just ban Springs from posting further: like watching “The Bachelor” or similar reality shows, the ratings are huge because people want to witness somebody rant and rave and basically make complete twits of themselves.
    Nobody should complain about Springs’ comments if they keep reading them! (myself included.. )

    .. honestly, tho’ .. will it eventually be stopped?
    The woman is really beginning to sour me on your blog, which I happen to enjoy very much.
    SHE’s not gonna stop, so I wonder if you’ll find a time to finally prevent her from posting any more.

  18. Go away Springs, you dumb bitch. Go guzzle some more “rainch” so you can drop dead of a coronary, and we don’t have to see your cuntiness anymore!

  19. Basically, these are the rantings of an obsessive compulsive whack job. She makes me feel much better about my personal sanity situation.

  20. I just use the page down button to skip over LOA/Springs diatribes.

    I can’t read them, they give me a headache.

    It’s useless to try to explain to her how things work, over the years many have tried and failed. She can’t/won’t understand that her way doesn’t fit the reality of the business.

    I am not, and have never been a server, but I can understand how things must work for a smooth experience for all the customers, and I also understand that sometimes things go wrong. That’s life!

  21. If we are going to pass blame in the restaurant, you can NOT be picky as to whom gets the blame.

    Everyone has their specific jobs in a restaurant. A food runner is one of them. The food runner’s job is to make sure the order is correct and bring it out. The server gets no say in this. Had Ribeye brought out a side of mayo and the food server brought out another, you’d just bitch about that. Don’t say you wouldn’t, ’cause you’d just be lying. And don’t say Ribeye had time, because THEN you’d say it would seem like he was chit-chatting with others.

    If the food runner did not correctly bring the food out, it is the food runner’s fault, not the server’s fault. If you are going to pass blame on the server for the food runner’s job, you must therefore by the same deductive reasoning blame the manager for the server’s job. Because the managers obviously did not care about the customers. They left such a “lazy and uncaring” server to do their (the manager’s) job of making people happy and wanting them to come back to the restaurant and spend more money.

    Hell, if the food runner (who gets tipped out at the end of the night) cares about the customers THEY will bring the condiments out beforehand. That’s the same train of logic right?

    A timeless quote from Roseanne Barr aptly addresses this situation, “Bitch, bitch, bitch that’s all you ever are.”

  22. holy crap! someone cares waaaaaaaay too much about puttin’ extra gunk on their food. calm teh fek down & eat something that that doesn’t require being doused in something extra while the server grabs it from the kitchen for you. sheesh, servers are people just like you, not effing tray carrying remote controlled robots there to read your mind!

    i’m so sorry that these people go to your restaurant….but i love the stories you get out of them! & i think you handle them better than i ever could. 🙂

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