This is a restaurant, not Dairy Queen

I don’t know what makes people think we can make any kind of milkshake they want, just because they saw a flavored BAR DRINK.

Bertha, this evening, a big fat ghetto as Hell black woman, wearing a skimpy red dress that showed about 4 rolls down each side and the thong I didn’t need to see before I went on my bread, decided she was going to be a bitch from the start.

I go to her lane, and the first thing out of Bertha’s mouth was “Where ya’ll damn menu at?”


10 thoughts on “This is a restaurant, not Dairy Queen

  1. I will never, ever, undertip again – if this website represents just a little bit of what servers have to go through, they deserve their share and more.

  2. I’ll be honest. I talk most about the worst 25% of the guests that I ever serve, because those are the most entertaining. I very rarely talk about my good guests, because they just don’t bring in as many hits. Yes, there are a lot of shitty people who eat at restaurants, and we get a LOT of entitlement junkies where I work. That’s why I write how I do. The fact that you said what you did in that comment just goes to show that people really don’t know what we go through sometimes, and I’m glad that you’ve seen.
    Keep coming back, Imran, I’ll keep giving you stuff to read. And thank you, undertipping is bad unless it’s deserved, and it’s rarely deserved, no matter what you read in the Another Debunking post’s comments.

  3. That nasty chick in the red dress had her boobs hanging out BAD too. & they were saggy. The second I saw her I knew she was oone of the bitches talked about in these blogs! I did NOT want to see almost her entire set of boobs. EEEWWWW!!!!

  4. Ribeye, I have been reading for a week or so and every post is astonishing. I cannot believe people act this way in public but I guess I am leading a very sheltered life. You keep writing; I’ll keep reading.

  5. The only thing more annoying than reading dialogue like this is listening to it. Darlin, what I’d give to be able to erase these people from your (everyone’s) jobs.

  6. Well the boyfriend appeared to be decent and tried to make amends for her. Hopefully she puts out to him otherwise he needs to ditch her. That would be the only reason I would associate with such a woman.

  7. It’s people like her that make me want to go out with a Louisville Slugger, just so I can make an example out of just ONE of them….I swear.

    I honestly don’t know how you and other servers put up with it. I hated dealing with I-want-something-for-nothing-and-I’ll-complain-till-I-get-it in retail. But it takes someone with big swingin’ brass ones to act like a horse’s ass to someone who deals with your food.

  8. Teaching in public schools has truly led me to believe that people like this suffer from a home life that had no rules or boundaries. “You can’t do that” does not compute. And the only way you can deal with that is to make them very anger to where they give up. Beat your children’s ass every now and then and they’ll behave. Otherwise…”Brang me mo’ shakes.”

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