Upon further review…

I’ve decided to give springs1 one last chance.


17 thoughts on “Upon further review…

  1. I hate to say it, but I HATE reading her comments. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows that while it doesn’t take 15 mins to get mayo, you can be slammed for 15 minutes and not have a second to even get to the kitchen. I’d ban her, you’re apparently a nicer person than I.

  2. I posted a reply on her ‘blog’ regarding everything I’ve read in her comments here… as soon as she reads it, it will no doubt be removed, but as a FOH manager who is more than a little proud of my job and my restaurant, I couldn’t stand to listen to her anymore. If you’d like a copy of what I posted, I’d be more than happy to share.

  3. Why is it that you believe that everyone is uncaring, lazy, inconsiderate, mean, etc.? You think this because of mistakes made in a restaurant! You think that everyone is out to get you & you take everything personal when it wasn’t. You believe that accidents don’t happen. You act like they never do, & that it really means that the server was treating you poorly because they forgot your ranch. They were just being lazy because they did things like corporate trained them to do. I am far from a lazy server. Nor am I inconsiderate & uncaring. I get compliments often, yet I still make mistakes. I don’t make a mistake because I’m a lazy server. It happens sometimes. & for you to be so judgemental about someting you know nothing about other than you own dining experiences is wrong. Nobody has disputed the fact that people want what they ordered to come out right. Obviously, people want that. The childish & consistant name calling is more than uncalled for. You need to relax, let the servers do their job, & leave us all alone. Your only other option is to stop going out if you feel you have this much to complain about.

  4. I ALMOST agree with you Springs1. However, what about the issue of hot food coming up for another table while you’re getting the ranch? Or what about a table being sat in your section that needs to be greeted? I can’t let food get cold or a new table sit for 5 minutes while I am doing everything else *IN PERFECT ORDER*. I would actually lose my job if I did. We have to manage our time second to second and it is difficult. I know it sounds soooooo easy to you but it’s really not. Your way doesn’t work. Period. THAT is why we don’t do it that way.

  5. Alright Springs. You still think it’s “not COMPLETELY fair” and I guess I’ll accept that. You still didn’t acknowledge the issue of another table being sat during all of this. What happens then? Do I leave them sitting there for 10 minutes? Do you have a solution to this dilemma? By all means, please pass on your advice.

  6. First of all, I cannot believe you remember a restaurant experience from 2005.

    Secondly, I think you just don’t realize that it’s not black and white. Theres a LOT of grey area in there. “I for sure would leave after waiting 15 minutes to get greeted, wouldn

  7. Ruca
    “First of all, I cannot believe you remember a restaurant experience from 2005.”

    Just at servers say A LOT that they remember the ones that don’t tip or tip poorly, I ALWAYS can remember at least the server’s face or if it was really bad service, the server’s name even.

    I remember what pisses me off. I just do. I am VERY SENSITIVE. If a server is mean or doesn’t look like they “CARE” about my dining experience, I will ALWAYS remember that. I can remember every mess up of one restaurant experience we stiffed a waiter in 2001 even. He HONESTLY DESERVED NO TIP. Sometimes servers DON’T TRY “THEIR VERY BEST.” I find A LOT of servers “ASSUME”, which for me causes HUGE PROBLEMS. Like one time in 2001 when we stiffed the waiter I just talked about above which he assumed I wanted my appetizer with my meal just because we ordered 2 separate appetizers. I just didn’t want onion rings as my husband wanted, so I ordered chili cheese fries. I figured we could take home some of the left over food. It sucks when servers ASSUME things. We received the onion rings, which time passed by, no sign of my chili cheese fries. We ask the waiter, he said: “I thought you wanted it with your meal.” I told him: “I NEVER said that.” I just wish servers would not ASSUME things. He made A LOT of other mistakes also and NOT ONE apology was given such as we received the wrong check. I find when a server brings you the WRONG CHECK, that TRULY SHOWS THEY AREN’T TRYING AT ALL, NOT AT ALL, AND THAT THEY REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. If you can’t even take a LOOK to see if I am overcharged, I can’t find a way to tip you very well. I find MOST servers to be VERY UNCARING. How hard is it to say “Sorry about that?” I don’t think it’s that difficult and I definately am MUCH MORE forgiving when someone is NICE than if they act like they don’t care.


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