“Hovaround, now you’re fit to make me hurl”

Sung to the tune of the old hovaround infomercial.


12 thoughts on ““Hovaround, now you’re fit to make me hurl”

  1. I so agree.. We have a mentally handicapped adult in our family, if she won’t behave, we leave. period. We will not allow this nonsense. Unfortunately her Mother is still letting her get away with murder when they’re together.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! She tried to run you over with a hovaround!!! That’s funny shit!!! Sorry. It’s bad, but it’s also damn funny!

  3. Sometimes, I find waiting on adult disabled people a bit tricky when they’re out with their families. If any family members or fellow servers have advice, I’d be grateful. Just because they’re pretty much restrained in their wheelchair and obviously have no control over their moter skills, I don’t want to assume that they’re also mentaly disabled. I always greet them and make eye contact before asking for their order – just like I would any one else. Sometimes the family jumps in quickly and orders for them, sometimes they wait long enough that I kind of feel like an idiot, sometimes the disabled person orders for themselves (albeit very slowly on occasion – I don’t mind). Luckily, I’ve never been run down by hovaround. Funny stuff, that.

  4. that’s funny that you wrote a blog about people with disabilities. i was thinking of you today when i had a disabled woman at my table with her parents… first of all she ordered a steak, and she didn’t have any teeth. that was fun to watch. THEN at the end of the meal she asked for a ToGo cup for her drink. usually that pisses me off when people do that, but i guess i kind of felt sorry for her, so i was happy to get one for her. so i guess your take on it is that they should not be an exception… now that i think about it, i think you are right. ha ha.

  5. There’s a dwarf that visits my restaurant regularly. I didn’t see him through the BIG kitchen door window and kicked it open with a tray in hand. Poor guy went rolling like a bowling ball. The only kind of special attention he gets from me is when I have to get him a booster seat and he’s lucky to get that.

  6. Jo Bee, Speak VERY loudly in to their Colostomy bag. It doubles as a hearing aid. And to be on the safe side always assume they’re retarded as well. It saves everyone the embarrassment.

  7. That is definitely a classic bad parenting issue. That girl should be taught how to behave in public, whether she is handicapped or not.

    Having a disability does not excuse you from having manners!

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