Wash your hands, please, just wash your hands.

This is something that I’ve noticed over the past year at my job, whilst hiding smoking in the bathroom…at least until the first of this month when it became illegal.


12 thoughts on “Wash your hands, please, just wash your hands.

  1. Check out my recent blog about SERV safe. It’s absolutely rediculus that restaurants pay thousands of dollars to train their employees on food handling and sanitation. The truth is, any half witted employee or manager can figure out the basics by just keeping themselves clean (i.e. washing hands). Insurance companies think SERV SAFE classes help reduce food borne accidents, but a bad employee is a bad employee and no training will your company from problems.

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing, too. I work in a job that has me in a lot of grocery stores, Wal-Marts, etc – and I wash my hands fairly frequently throughout the day. I’d say more people walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands than those who stay and wash.

    Just disgusting.

  3. Oh, Mr. Ribeye, you do know how to keep the comments flowing! I worked in public health for several years and had the privilege on inspecting many food-serving establishments, ranging from gas stations that serve hot dogs to vending machine-only businesses to regular, sit-down restaurants.

    On the subject of people being too lazy to flush their waste down the toilet, as a customer, that just bugs the hell out of me. But it doesn’t surprise me in the least. My kids have heard me say at least a million times that nearly all of the problems in society are variations on just two themes: laziness and disrespect (and your blog posts are confirmation of this). The fact that people are so fucking lazy and disrespectful of others that they can’t flush the toilet is a sad commentary on our society.

    Hand-washing: it can’t be overdone, simply stated. I couldn’t agree more, with one minor clarification: if food isn’t considered ready-to-eat (i.e., it needs to be cooked), then under most circumstances, it can be handled without gloves (although gloves are certainly never a bad idea, and ARE required if someone has, say, cuts on his hands.) Good example: making pizzas. The pizza preparers don’t need to wear gloves, because whatever they might contaminate the pizza with will be cooked to death in the oven. Ditto for the people loading frozen french fries into the fryer basket. The server, OTOH, is absolutely not allowed to pick up the pizza with bare hands and plop it on a plate. Do these rules get bent? Sure. All the time, especially in really fancy joints where the chef somehow thinks it’s OK to use his bare fingers to push his pretty creations around the plate until they’re just so.

    As a customer (and now an ex-public health worker), I am always on the lookout, however, for the really outrageous violations of handwashing rules. I will let some minor things slide, but not these. On more than one occasion, I have called someone down on the spot, had a blunt discussion with h/h manager, and even written to corporate a couple times, citing the appropriate chapter and verse from the Food Code. I’m not a ball-breaker personality, preferring to gently but firmly educate, but I will get severely blunt if I have to when I see someone sneeze, catch it in his hand, wipe it on his shirt, and then go back to the line grill.

  4. FPHG, I couldn’t agree more. Laziness and disrespect run rampant in this society. And I think we could add entitlement and arrogance (or something to that effect) to that list – especially based on some of the entries ribeye has written on here.

  5. Just remember this the next time you consider going to a buffet…think about THAT!!!! for a little while..extremely low paid food service workers handling the garbage food and then putting it on a PUBLIC line where everyone has access to contaminating it and the temperature is just about right…One time I was in the bathroom at the Golden Corral and a cook was taking an impressivley loud growler and he just got up and went back to the open kitchen..Didn’t even think about washing his hands even though the bathroom had like 8 witnesses.

  6. I work in upscale retail and I can say that our female customers are some of the filthiest people around. I always wonder what their bathrooms at home must look like because they leave ours looking like an abbatoir.

  7. Only occasionally do I see women not washing their hands around here..

    I don’t understand how you can not wash up after using the toilet.

  8. i’ve seen women who don’t wash their hands after using the washroom. it grosses me out just as much as the ones who turn on the faucet and quickly put the tips of their fingers under the water for a sec. why is it so hard to use SOAP AND WATER for at least 15secs?? i’m terrified of getting parasites or any other infections and it irks me to see people being so inconsiderate to themselves and other people. as for the unflushed toilets…i’ve seen shit AND blood many times. that’s just wrong. dont even get me started on the “feminine napkins disposal”

  9. The blogger (who I just found) and most of these posters are living a delusional fantasy. Yes, it’d be nice if all these health rules were followed, but they’re just too extreme to do so. EVERY time you touch your face, do you run to the faucet? EVERY time you touch money do you run to the faucet? You should! But me, and you, and you, and you, etc….aren’t. Quit the bitching.

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