Poll results, Stupid name of the week (10/19)

The previous poll, Have you ever been a server before, has now closed, with the following results:

61 of you, or 43%, said you have been a server in the past.

38 of you, or 27%, said that you are currently a server.

24 of you, or 17% said that you haven’t and won’t.

11 of you, or 8%, answered “Are you kidding me?”. Nuff said on that one.

8 of you, or 6% have thought about it, but haven’t yet. Hope this blog doesn’t stop ya.

Wow, not as many votes in as the last poll. But I think this next one I have is going to get a few more hits.

Remember that this next one, as are all of the polls here, is anonymous. I’ve made this poll to go along with next weeks. It’s based on the recent article about servers being depressed. This one is about the substances you use and abuse, and next weeks poll will go with this one.

It’s up on the right, so feel free to vote. You can also answer as many times as needed on this one.

Stupid names of the week!

Female names:

Martiara (Tiara would just not have been enough I guess)

LaTrizeara (Yes, it was on a credit card slip)


Male Names:



I’ll post the normal post in a few minutes. Until then,



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