Springs is not just anti-server

She’s anti-smoker also.

“I LOVE to dance, but when I have gone to nightclubs, I was subjected to cigarette smoke. WHY should a person that LOVES to dance, be subjected to that? At least my drinking, unless I am totally drunk, DOESN


25 thoughts on “Springs is not just anti-server

  1. Ribeye, I grew up with a mom who was a chain smoker. It turned me off cigarettes for life. I really, really dislike smoking (no I’m not allergic or anything, I just find smoking very unpleasant). Smokers are doing something active, and non-smokers are stuck with the smoke. Can’t a smoker get his nicotine fix before he goes out to eat? Then wait till after he finishes his meal and then smoke and not smoke WHILE he eats?

  2. Ahhhh Springs, Love to hate her. Also, it is very hard to picture her ranch swilling ass throwing down on the dance floor…There are so few places that people who smoke can smoke, are cigar bars next on her list?

  3. Actually, in most cities, after a while, restaurants have been bouncing back just fine though the adjustment period is a year or so.
    However, there is a suspicion that air quality in restaurants is decreasing after the smoking bans because many restaurants no longer use their costly filtration systems.

  4. I hate smoking too. But that’s the reason there was a smoking section in restaurants & a nonsmoking. The people not smoking were ONLY subjected to it if it was busy & THEY asked for 1st available.

  5. Why doesn’t Springs just open her own totally smoke free restaurant that employees only servers who follow her 41 steps to good service?

    Really, wouldn’t that solve everything?

  6. I want to make sweet sweet passionate love to Springs in the back of her single wide. In the subtle glow of the Miller Lite neon…….later we shall enjoy a post coital cigarette…nothing but the smell of tobacco and our love filling the air…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  7. i didn’t count how many times she said “condiment” in her entry but it was enough. good lord she is one of those ranch people. is she the appropriate 350+ lbs?
    and someone should tell her that she has a long way to go to being normal. much less a civil person to wait on.
    or perhaps we should drown her in a rain of condiments. its all about the condiments. condiments. maybe she should ask her server to fill a trough full of every condiment they have before she even orders so she can save time and just stick her face in when the food comes.
    hi. i’m new to your blog. i’m a sever. i heart your blog.

  8. Bartrash
    “Also, it is very hard to picture her ranch swilling ass throwing down on the dance floor”

    WHY? I keep my weight at 90lbs-92lbs at 5’0″. Sure, once in a while, I will get up to 94lbs, but I make my way back by not eating a lot during the week. Like on thursdays, I eat less than 500 calories and I lose about 2 pounds by doing this. I am ******NOT*******FAT.

    “The people not smoking were ONLY subjected to it if it was busy & THEY asked for 1st available.”

    This is NOT at EVERY restaurant. Before this year, Louisiana had not passed a law to have no smoking in restaurants, so when we had gone to Bennigan’s, the MOMENT you walked in, REEKED of smoke. You COULDN’T get away from the smoking section even if you were in a non-smoking section. The restaurant I am guessing didn’t have any filters or something, because you could smell smoke in the non-smoking areas. I don’t feel the moment you walk in a restaurant you should have to breathe that crap. You should have a right to clean air the entire time.

    “good lord she is one of those ranch people. is she the appropriate 350+ lbs?”

    NOPE, by Friday mornings, the scale says 89lbs, sometimes 88 and a half pounds. Then by Monday morning, it’s around 92lbs-93lbs. You act like I eat this stuff EVERYDAY or something. It’s NOT if you splurge on the weekend, but if you do that type of eating EVERYDAY or MOST of the week that you will gain a lot of weight. I can STILL fit a dress I wore in 1992 back in 9th grade. I still have pants that STILL FIT since 1997. CAN YOU SAY THAT?

  9. Personally, I’m going to like the smoking ban. I am allergic to cigarette smoke, and I have asthma (probably resulting from or aggravated by a chain-smoking father, as there is no family history).

    However, If we’re going to ban smoking in public restaurants because it’s a public health concern, then using the same logic, we should have gone ahead and banned smoking tobacco altogether, as it does cause damage to people’s health.

    That being said, I think if someone chooses to smoke, they should be able to (as long as you don’t blow it in my face, or force me to sit in it). If you are so allergic to cigarette smoke that you can’t eat in a reasonably separated section of a restaurant designated specifically for non-smoking people, then DON’T GO.

    Most bars and clubs have no non-smoking section. I can’t tolerate smoke very well, so, guess what, I don’t go there. Seems pretty simple to me.

  10. Cody,move to CA. One little city is even going to ban smoking in multi-unit rentals. At this point there are very few places people can smoke in public.

  11. *I can STILL fit a dress I wore in 1992 back in 9th grade. I still have pants that STILL FIT since 1997. CAN YOU SAY THAT?*

    Hell no. And why would I want to? The clothes in the 90’s are awful.

    Jeezuz, it is 2007.

    Keep up.

    P.S. Can you say EATING DISORDER? C’mon, I know ya can.

  12. Rin, I hope you know what you have just gotten yourself into. Springs1 is a lunatic & she will NOT stop leaving you comments back now that you had to point out her being OUT OF HER MIND. So just keep making it so that she digs herself in even deeper & makes herself look even more foolish because when she does that, it’s awesome! & trust me, she will make a fool of herself with every long winded essay comment she feels she must leave to everyone on here. & this is the best blog & the most true that you will read!

  13. Was that the “real” Springs posting? I thought it was someone making fun of her. Either way it was entertaining.

    By the way, I weigh 84 pounds on Wednesdays, and I wear my prom dress (circa 1992) around the house when I have to dust.

  14. Obviously, Springs has some issues. But back to the smoking thing. I am a smoker. I have been smoking for about 11 years. I don’t like smoke in restaurants. I can handle it in a bar because it’s expected. I really just don’t like smoking inside. It builds up everywhere and really makes everything smell. I have kids and I don’t smoke around them. When I am out with non-smokers, I always ask if they mind if I smoke if we are outdoors. I never make anyone sit in a smoking sections (even though they are long gone here) and wouldn’t even ask that they do. I do believe that smokers have a courtesy to non-smokers. It’s our choice to smoke and their choice to not smoke. We shouldn’t force them to deal with our vices. Now, if I am out in public and I try to get a good distance from a crowd so I can smoke, I don’t appreciate the dirty looks I get. I got away from the majority of the people so I wouldn’t bother them. If you see me smoking and you don’t like it, don’t come near me.

  15. So you would rather have a mental disorder than be fat?

    Well good for you.

    And that dress?
    How big is the trailer you live in?
    Does the trailer park manager let you keep pink flamingos in your yard?
    I’ll bet you still tease your bangs straight up and douse them in aqua net.

    I eat what I want, when I want. I go to the gym and dance and do yoga.
    (That is not the same as starving yourself and obsessively riding an excersize bike 2 hours a day)
    I am not the size I was in highschool but I am in shape and healthy.
    I am not even sure why I am bothering to respond to your inane ramblings.

  16. And these statistics that say what a persons weight should be when going by height is not normal either. They expect girls to be tiny. They go by what they believe a model should be, & that’s too small & that is not attractive in the least. Hell, if I went by that weight chart, then I would be almost overweight! But guess what, I’m not a big girl at all. I guess that just means that I could lose close to 30 pounds & still be in my weight range? I don’t think so. Maybe if you’re going by Hollywood standards & are on the brink of being sickly & showing your ribs, then yes. You look good in your clothes. But I highly doubt that.

  17. This is soo amusing. Springs gets very upset and almost anything. Oh and by the way…what’s wrong with plastic pink flamingoes? My dad loves them, but thankfully my mom won’t let him keep them in the front yard! The older my parents get, the tackier their yard decorations get.

  18. I am *loling* at that dress. I know one person who might wear that. But she also wears pleather motorcycle-style jackets to clubs paired with black stretch pants.

    Is the Kelly Bundy style really still trendy????

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