Auto Gratuity for Entitlement Junkies

After the past two nights of utter and complete Hell, and the lack of money it has brought in, I’ve decided I’m in favor of adding an automatic 20% gratuity to ALL guest checks.


14 thoughts on “Auto Gratuity for Entitlement Junkies

  1. Ribeye, one of these days I am going to come to Nashville, sit at your table and be very nice to you. I’ll tip well and not run you ragged. I won’t swear at you or insult you. I’ll dress nicely and not look slutty. However I do like ranch dressing – but in a sensible amount.

  2. I object to the autograt for small tables. A few times I’ve gotten servers who really didn’t do anything like a decent job(not great,not even the bare minimum). I would hate to reward these people.

  3. I’d just like to say not all military men and women think like that. When my boyfriend came home on leave, we went out to dinner the first night. It was a generic chain restaurant and the total bill was $30 plus some change. The service was good, nothing stellar but the guy was nice and did his job well. As a former waitress, I’d agree that he deserved (or earned, whichever you prefer to call it) 20% for his service. My boyfriend dropped $40 in the book (almost 25% for those of you out there who can’t do math in your heads) and we were on our way home.
    I personally think that tipping has to do a lot with how your parents viewed tipping. His dad (also a military man) tips well. My parents tipped well even before I was a waitress, and I followed their example. Most of my friends have parents who tip fair to well, and so do they. A couple of my (ex)friends have trash parents who don’t tip, and neither do they. A lot of it is entitlement, or hard working people who know how hard you work, but I think those attitudes, along with tipping, are thing you learn from your parents.

  4. On behalf of every decent person who has worn or is currently wearing a military uniform, I do apologize, Ribeye. Sadly, a large proportion of the enlisted ranks come from the ghetto/redneck/trash communities, and as the saying goes, putting lipstick on pig doesn’t make it anything more than a pig. I served as an officer, both active duty and National Guard, and I can tell you honestly that the dickheads you’re dealing with in your restaurant are an embarrassment to those of us who proudly wore the uniform. In particular, the “I’m serving because you were too cowardly to do so” attitude makes me want to heave. Please don’t take it personally.

    And if you get the chance to serve an officer or group of officers, who will come from the non-trash segment of society, you’ll get a better reception. I guarantee it.

  5. Well put! In Memphis, we get to look forward to the COGIC people each and every year. That’s Church of God in Christ, btw. They leave those little pamphlets that LOOK like a ten dollar bill – that’s their idea of a tip. Every service industry worker in downtown Memphis dreads these ridiculously overdressed so-called ‘christians.’

  6. Where I live and work, you have to be able to afford 200$ a night for a hotel room. A dinner for four isn’t any cheaper. So I don’t see too much of the ghetto, white trash, tippage. However, I do get those god-lovers that believe a phamplet is a top. I also get those old-fogies that are still stuck in the depression. As for the military boys? I see none of that in my area, always pretty reasonable. But if a man is in uniform I give him 50% off at least, if not buy his meal. Even my nerdy boy scouts tip well. Must be something with Tennessee. My parents just moved up there, yet my father has to work in another state because their is no money to be made. Maybe you are in the right line of work in the wrong kind of place?

  7. Kate ~ as a Christian I totally agree with you here. If churchgoers feel they absolutely MUST leave some kind of pamphlet, then it absolutely MUST come with a very good TIP, particularly in the case you mention: naturally the server initially thinks it’s money.
    To me that is deception, and it’s just plain UN-Christian!

  8. I appreciate that you realized its not a general demographic, but just small areas of them, white, black, brown, yellow, etc. It sucks that certain people make a bad name for their race cause of their actions. But I agree with riceczeks in that it has a lot to do with how your parents raised you.

  9. As an enlisted guy in the Army,I assure you those who are bad tippers are a small percentage. I always tip well because I am grateful to be eating a decent meal for a change and glad someone is nice enough to bring me food drinks and clean up the dishes.

  10. Okay, I have had the priveledge of not only working in retail for 8 years, but serving and bartending for 7, and being in the military (enlisted) for 5. I have been shit on every way possible all of my working life. First of all, let me dispell the myth that officers will treat people better than enlisted will. BS-assholes are assholes, regardless of what insignia is on your shoulder. Second, yes, a fair population of the young, lower-ranking enlisted men/women are ignorant, and have a sense of entitlement….but so do an awful lot of senior citizens who are retirees…I see it every day.
    That being said, some of us are not this way. We were in the “real world” before, and know what it takes to get by…and I for one appreciate ANY person who provides ANY kind of service for me. I tip my cable installer.
    Keep up the posts Rib, I for one very much enjoy knowing that I’m not the only one who has a completely thankless job.

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