Now that I’ve calmed down a bit

When I wrote my last post, I was a little pissed off from work.


7 thoughts on “Now that I’ve calmed down a bit

  1. hi Ribeye; one thing that is very different where I live in BC is that tipping seems more like a kindness than an expectation. Whenever I’ve gone out to any restaurant of higher calibre than McDonald’s, I certainly try to leave extra for the server because it’s a nice thing to do; it was always my notion that the server KEPT whatever money was given in addition to the bill. I didn’t know about a pooling of tips that had to be distributed evenly ~ if I understand you correctly? It’d never be my intention for the server to suffer a lack on my account, so from here, if I can’t afford to tip at least 15%, I won’t patronize the restaurants unless someone is treating me.
    Thanks for the eye-opener.

  2. oh, in addition: it’s probably because I rarely DO eat out on my own funds that this wasn’t automatically known. It’s not the sort of thing that would come up in a conversation with me because I am on a very limited, fixed income. Seldom do I treat myself to a restaurant of any tier above the aforementioned, and even THAT is infrequent.
    .. just in case anyone else from BC wondered howcome I wouldn’t have a clue… 🙂

  3. Get the hell away from ________________ or any other corporate place in this town! I found a great little place that is run by a Chef. I rarely deal with hoodrats, rednecks, ghetto princesses, or hoochie mamas!
    The money is better, the food is better and you dont have to put up with nearly as many assholes like you do in a chain!!! Go to and pick a place to put in an application, there are tons of them! Good luck!


  4. If you all notice, there are blanks in the above comment. The reason for this is, while most of us know where I work, I cannot for job-security reasons post the name of the place. I post too many things about the company. This is also the first time I’ve ever edited a comment, but once again, I cannot have the name of the company on here.

    Thanks, and sorry about that.

  5. Certified CT:
    I for one hopes Ribeye stays put. His stories are hilarious — more so because they are true. It would be so boring around here if he lost his “A” material.

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