The Training Suspension

Since I keep saying I’m going to tell you all about what happened, and since so many of you have asked to know, here’s the reason I was suspended from training.

A little over a month ago, on a Wednesday night a co-worker and I were working in the bowling area.


11 thoughts on “The Training Suspension

  1. You shouldn’t have had to transfer a check when the server was nowhere to be found and you already had to do all the work. Why did she think that she could disappear for that long, do nothing, and then get the tip for it? That’s fucked up.

  2. Ribeye,

    If you follow my blog, you will notice something very similar to that happened to me as well. The difference is, I am not refusing to train people until the problem is resolved. I hate when managers decided to be judge, jury and executioner when they were neither witness not party to the problem. I also hate that the laziest, dumbest people are the ones who seem to get the long end of the stick — we share a lot in common

  3. “Why did she think that she could disappear for that long, do nothing, and then get the tip for it?”

    She’s probably used to batting her eyelashes to get what she wants, and when it didn’t work on Ribeye, she set out to screw him over.

  4. What a whore. If someone doesn’t get their table, I pick it up and say tough luck. I thought that was a general rule with all servers… apparently not.

  5. I didn’t refuse to train, I was told I wasn’t allowed to train. What’s worse, my insurance deducts from my paycheck, 80 bucks every 2 weeks. my checks are usually just about 70 after taxes with the 2.13, but when I teach, I get 10 an hour. That 10 an hour is what I rely on for insurance.

  6. You misunderstand – I refused to train the new employees until my issue was fixed. I do not get extra money for training, and thus, my backlash was refusing to train other employees.
    Why is everyone in this industry (management/ownership, anyway) such a two-faced back-stabber?

  7. Corporate management is usually evil, and are trained to backstab their employees. Owners, well I can’t attest to that because I’ve only worked corporate thus far, at least until dental surgery =). We get an extra dollar an hour for floor follow training, classroom is 10 an hour.

  8. Follow where I work is supposed to pay $5.00/hr. But due to a lack of revenue and the owner’s new Lexus, this has been cut from the budget.

  9. That’s why when I loose my temper at the moronic actions of my special-ed co-workers (plates don’t go in pans of hot beans, silverware goes in the ‘silverware pre-soak buckets’, not the ‘stab my fingers on fork tubs’, ect), I make sure that there are other folks around who say things like “you know, he’s right”.

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