Poll results, Stupid name of the week (10/26)

Alright. This week’s poll results start the beginning of the three part series on Substance abuse and it’s effects on depression in the industry. These are the results of the substances used/abused.

Alcohol got the highest, at 90 votes, 60%

Marijuana (pot) was next in line at 47 votes, 32%

The sober people were about in the middle, with 45 votes, 30%

The opiate pain meds came in fourth with 21 votes, at 14%

Cocaine and Crack came in closer to the bottom than I expected for servers and such, at 10 votes, 7%

Meth, MDMA (ectacy), and Ketamine, the club drug crew came in last, with 6 votes, only 4% of the voters.

Some of you very well may have voted more than once, and that’s fine. Either way, each vote is counted as a person, and I hope you will all vote in this next one, which is part two. This one is the frequency of usage.


Stupid names of the week






This one isn’t one I had, but one I heard on the radio, Genarlo (you’ve all heard about him, the molester from the south)




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