To the people who think the rules don’t apply

You all know who you are. You are all Entitlement Junkies just like the trash that we wait on. You’re the server who thinks he’s too good to do any running sidework or polish your silverware. You’re the bitch at the pharmacy who wants to get your Lortab filled a week early and bitches when it doesn’t work. You’re the manager who fucks a 17 year old boy after getting him drunk and comping his food and liquor, and fucks another employee for giving you pills, yes, Mr. D K, I’m talking about you. You’re the hostess who sits on her verrrrrrrry fat ass on the counter at the front door, so that everyone coming in sees rolls instead of a person smiling.

Everyone knows that I hate entitlement junkies with a passion.

The particular junkie I have a problem with today is “Hawk”, a co-worker of mine who apparently thinks that I’m out to get him. That’s only partially true. He’s a decent server, albeit very racist (he, unlike me, completely goes off about taking black tables.)

Quick history:

He trained a couple of months ago, and did surprisingly well given the opinions the hiring managers had of him. He was a toss up apparently.

He did alright at first, seemed willing to work, but then again most new servers do when they first start. Within a week, he proved to me that he was utterly worthless.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and a couple of us notice him taking a bin of silverware that we already had rolled from the service station. He thinks that we don’t notice it. He then tries to show it to me, saying that he rolled it on his break. I know better, because none of us could find him on the break he took without telling anyone about. He gets all kinds of pissed off because we make him roll a bin of silverware.

He rolls a full bin, but I notice something right after he leaves. His silverware has spoons in it. At least some of it does. Some of it has a fork and a spoon, some is just a knife and a spoon. Some is a spoon and a spoon. We roll a fork and a knife. He got written up, and has held a grudge against me ever since that weekend.

We’ve now started actually enforcing the “soak and polish” policy on silverware that MOST of us go by, but some of the servers seem to think they don’t have to do. I’m tired of being bitched out about my co-workers not polishing at night when I’m shift leading, because they’re all adults and I’m not a fucking babysitter. This past Sunday, I’m just serving. Not shift leading, just serving. So I tell the closer that when she checks out his silverware, she has to open a few rolls of it (which is being done to EVERYONE after last week), because I know he’s not polishing it having watched him take it from the little plastic rack it was “washed” in. Closer tells Hawk this, and Hawk says “I don’t believe that comes from the managers, that comes from Ribeye, he’s just an asshole and I’m not doing anything he says.” So Manager goes back and threatens him with a write up, and Hawk does another pan of silverware.

Hawk also refuses to : Properly stock his section, the easiest and most widely known of all restaurant sidework, how hard is it to count out some sugar packets correctly.

Wipe out his crumb catchers

Clean tables in the game room.

Then we have the running sidework. It doesn’t matter what it is, normally getting ice or stocking glasses, he refuses to do it. It takes an order from a member of management to get him to stock a glass or fill the ice bin. It’s hard to even get him to wipe down a table.

He refuses to work in the bowling alley, especially on the weekends, because there’s too many black people for him to deal with and he gets scared. TOO FUCKING BAD DUDE, we all work in the bowling alley, and even when it gets ghetto, there’s still a bit of money to be made, so quit fucking whining.

He doesn’t carry a tray, which as a cocktail server is an absolute must, it’s not fuckin Fridays for fucks sake. I’m sorry, when I still drank my beer, I didn’t want a servers hands holding it by the neck, or the lip of the beer, its just not right.

Anyway, steps are being taken, because Hawk is about worthless. We do like to talk shit about his girlfriend, who would be pretty except for the fucked up hairstyles she has.

On a different note, why would any black person name their child Simeon, pronounced like “Simian”?

I thought black people didn’t want to be associated with primates.


6 thoughts on “To the people who think the rules don’t apply

  1. I have been reading your blog for about 2 weeks now and I have to agree with you 100%. I’ve been a server for 4 years now and have seen it all.

    Does the term “entitlement junkies” apply to busboys who steal my tip off the table? Last night at work I saw my regular customer walk back and put $ on the table as it was being bussed. I walked back about a minute after the busser was through and viola NO MONEY!! I made a complaint but of course it’s my word against his. Ugh!

    Several servers have complained about him and another busser. This busser has a technique I’ll call the shell game. He uses his towel in one hand to wash the table. With his other hand he is moving the $ in a circular motion closer and closer to the bustub. Almost wax on/wax off a la Karate Kid. Viola the money “accidentally” on purpose ends up in bustub. A customer walked by the window on her way out and saw him pull this manuever with her tip. She walked back in, told her server and server got money back. Nothing happened to said busboy because of course it was an “accident.”

  2. Entitlement is a big problem in health care, too, my racket, usually with Medicaid recipients. Now, most Medicaid recipients are decent people. Must most entitlement junkies are Medicaid, it seems.

    One such creature actually had the nerve to tell me that I needed to be more solicitous and attentive to his needs because, after all, he was paying my salary. I laughed at him, and told him that he’s got it backwards. I was paying for his health care.

    The problem was, he was a diabetic who had deliberately stopped his insulin to end in the hospital because he wanted a consultation from a dentist for some cosmetic work, and he had been unsuccessful outside of the hospital. My answer, no, came like a kick in the teeth to him.

    Incidentally, primate is not an insult. Humans, like apes, monkeys and lemurs, are primates.

    Simian, however, is an insult, although pr9obably not when spelled Simeon, which I believe is Spanish for Simon, as in San Simeon (Saint Simon) in California, where the Hearst castle is located.

  3. I’m currently a csr, have never been a server, but I have a good buddy who is. He told me this great story about an entitlement junkie from a job of his. He and this dude had been working together for awhile and this dude was a slob and never did his side work until ordered to. Eventually, my friend confronts him with:

    My Friend: Hey man, your mom doesn’t work here.
    Entitlement Junkie: Hey that’s not funny. My mom died three years ago.
    My Friend: Really? Well I guess it’s going to be really hard for her to pick up after you then!

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