Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

I hate to say it guys, but I’m one of the ones saying Merry Christmas around this time of year. I might not hold the same beliefs as Christians, but I do like to be cheerful around this time of year, and my guests seem to usually appreciate it. I have a tendency to write Merry Christmas on my guest checks, or the bottom of one of their credit card slips, unless the name on the slip is very obviously Jewish, in which I’ll write Happy Holidays.

I don’t see what the big deal is about Merry Christmas. Most of us grew up hearing it, it’s what this time of year is known for across America. If you don’t like it, well then don’t listen, but it’s going to be said. All this talk about changing Christmas tress to Holiday trees has me nauseated. I’m not going to be the one saying “Happy Holidays” to every single guest, and I won’t be answering phones saying “Happy Holidays” either.

I know people have different beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that we should hinder a lifelong tradition in favor of political correctness. As you all know, I’m the last person alive that cares for political correctness, so trying to get me to change is a fruitless effort.

Just a small rant, but one that’s been getting on my nerves for a bit, especially after seeing on the news about people changing a Christmas tree to a Holiday tree. Why don’t we just change the date too?

On a lighter note, my last post with the fantasy twist seems to be having good results, leading me to think I may do more.

Sharece Thomas, the YouTube non-tipping trash, strikes again

Only this time, it’s nothing about tipping so much as us all being racist, and daring us to spit in her food. You can see my comments if you actually visit the page for the video posted below. Basically, it says that most black people with the exception of the ghetto are embarrassed by people like her, and that because of her showing her ass (publicly and figuratively) no server in their right mind is going to willingly serve her, and most management is going to back up the server in fear of losing close to 200 dollars because she’ll play the race card. I know the talk that’s gone around in Nashville restaurants, people know her face, servers and managers alike. I know of managers who would ask her to leave just on the basis of that video and the fear that she would besmirch their restaurant over nothing. I still don’t believe the server actually followed her out over the tip, that rarely happens anymore, and the server is usually fired on the spot when it does.

More Store Products

I’ve just gotten done adding a couple more things to the Store. Not many, just a couple of shirts, a cap and a mug. Interesting to say the least. I don’t quite know how this little business venture is going to go, but here’s hoping it’ll go well eventually.

Thanks everyone for your added support, and I will try to not let you down. I still need more designs to help out with.

Thank you all!!!