Just leave it alone and it won’t bother you.

How many of you have heard this line in your lives?


77 thoughts on “Just leave it alone and it won’t bother you.

  1. Mary
    “Food or refills have not been delayed as it takes no time to do this.”

    They DO get DELAYED at least a few seconds at LEAST and possibly more, because you have to go all the way to the sink area instead of just going to the area where the soda station is to put all those dishes down. It DOES TAKE “SOME” TIME. If you can say “1 1,000” when you are picking up that dish, you have taken at least a second of someone’s time for NO REAL REASON.

    “Sometimes, you can do it without even stopping.”

    Let’s say you don’t stop, you still have to put that dish in the sink, which is STILL AN EXTRA STEP IN FRONT OF SOMEONE’S REFILL REQUESTS. If someone wants their check, then that means at least a minute delay for SURE due to having to go all the way back to the kitchen to put those dishes away and then going all the way back to the computer terminal when you could have left the dishes right there or brought them with you to the computer terminal to get the check instead. The customer would have received his or her check just THAT MUCH FASTER.


  2. Springs, what is SO important about your time as opposed to other people? Where in your life is so out of control that you have to micro manage other people’s lives? Don’t answer, just think about it

  3. Sadly honey, you’re wrong. And we don’t go to a sink, as you would clearly not know. We drop it in a bus tub, & guess what genious, it’s on the way to the drink towers in many establishments. So it takes no longer to do our job correctly. You want servers to do things your way & it CAN’T HAPPEN. How difficult is that for you to understand? Why is it so hard for you? It has zip to do with not wanting to make an extra trip, again as you would clearly not know. It has to do with the fact that we do what Corporate trains us to do & if we don’t, most managers will rip us a new one. I for one choose do my job CORRECTLY as I sure do enjoy being employed. Do you do things against policy at work? Why do you expect servers to? Is it possibly because you look down on us right from the start? It’s ok for you to whine about your job, but a server has to suck it up because you think what, that you’re better than us? You think the world should be run according to your standards. And you act like you believe that you’re a saint or something. “I always thinkg life should be fair. Take turns. The server was mean to me & treated me poorly, It’s ok if I wait 10 minutes for my drink because that man ordered before me.” Sweetie, you aren’t fooling anyone being bragadocious about how “sweet” you think you are while being a bitch.

  4. Pamela
    “Springs, what is SO important about your time as opposed to other people?”

    I NEVER SAID that other people’s time was less important than mine. As I stated before in one of my other posts, I had HOPED the waiter would have put in the people’s order at the table he got their food order from BEFORE getting my refill. Shouldn’t that tell you that I just want to wait my turn? When it’s my turn though, I don’t expect it to be interrupted UNLESS there’s a mistake with someone’s stuff.

  5. Mary
    “So it takes no longer to do our job correctly.”

    As I stated before, IT DOES. If you are grabbing plates and stacking them, that’s SECONDS RIGHT THERE. Probably about 5 seconds. If you have to grab a couple of dishes, that’s 2 seconds. You also have to put those down, that’s a second right there. So you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    Also, NOT EVERY ESTABLISHMENT has that, because I’ve seen Chili’s have 2 soda stations, which one is in the kitchen area by the to-go area and the other is just a soda station that’s NEAR the kitchen, but not in the kitchen. They have that before the bathroom area and then the kitchen.

    “I for one choose do my job CORRECTLY as I sure do enjoy being employed.”

    HOW is it “CORRECT” to “HAND” things in a certain order? I’ve seen MANY OF SERVERS that handed things in the order in which they were taken in. The Red Lobster waitress COULD have came to our table first to give us our entrees we had been waiting for around 50 minutes for and THEN went to give the 2 couple their salads. I truly DON’T think there is such as rule that you cannot hand things in the correct order if you have them in your hand. Do you honestly AGREE with making the FIRST person that ordered wait the LONGER than what they should have waited? WHY do you feel the first person that asks for stuff should wait the very LONGEST?

    “It has to do with the fact that we do what Corporate trains us to do & if we don

  6. Shawni
    “You actually remember this shit! ya know what?”

    I remember SOOOOOO MANY restaurant situations, it would take me a diary to write that many. I just remember things, especially when people affect my feelings.

  7. Yet again, YOU THINK YOUR TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SERVER. You are not at work, where time is truely money, you’re there to relax and eat and yet you insist you are the most important being in the universe. You say you don’t tipthe same amount for just desert and yet you are taking up space at a table just the same as if you were having a meal. Is not a server’s time worth the same amount regardless of what YOU eat?

  8. Not everything is being unfair to you. People are not being mean to you. You are not being treated poorly & servers & bartenders, as I know you hate them as well, are not doing you wrong. & if you SERIOUSLY get your feelings hurt by this stuff you seem to be so fond of bitching about for years on end, then you really do need professional help. Honey, you cry about everything as a child would do. A child thinks people are being mean to them. A child thinks that everything is unfair. You think like a child & you act like one as well. I strongly advise making a rushed appointment with a therapist as soon as possible. For everyone’s sake.

  9. springs, sorry sweetie, you are a freak and you are very ill, please seek help for this “know it all” condition and superiority complex that you have.Also, stop posting to these sites, you do not know what you are talking about and you sound like an ass.
    In the meantime, I will continue to pay attention to those with whom I dine instead of the server and I suggest that you learn to do the same. Springs1 is a ….
    …..crazy freaking weirdo…………………….

  10. Mary
    “People are not being mean to you.”

    THEY ARE, when they KNOW GOOD AND WELL WE HAD ORDERED BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE, but they ***CHOOSE*** TO HAND THINGS OUT OF ORDER. Just as the waiter at Outback did when he gave the second table lady’s drink BEFORE our 2 cokes. He *CHOSE** to be unfair. HOW CAN YOU SAY IT’S NOT MEAN? If someone cuts in front of someone in line, that’s mean, right? Wouldn’t MOST people agree that when someone cuts in front of someone in a line it’s mean? So when you hand things not in the order they were ordered, that’s MEAN, because you are letting the other customer CUT in front of another customer’s turn. It IS MEAN AND VERY RUDE! Just as the lady chewed me out at the donut shop about that her and her guest was seated first. She had EVERY RIGHT to be pissed off at me. I let the people at the counter CUT IN FRONT OF THEM. That’s WRONG AND MEAN. It was UNINTENTIONAL, which I learned my lesson from that day not to do that again without asking who came in first.


    DO YOU AGREE WITH THE CORPORATE RULES OF HANDING THINGS OUT OF ORDER? WOULD YOU HAND THINGS IN THE ORDER THAT THEY WERE ORDERED IN IF YOU COULD? I just want to know if you are really that uncaring and evil to want people to wait longer that had asked for something first. If you could hand things in the correct order that they came in, WOULD YOU? Like if you were the Red Lobster waitress in the situation. You had on your tray: the salads for the second table and our 2 entr

  11. Honey, you are proving how dense you are! A manager told you that you were right to shut you up! & if you really believe that I should stand there & let a DESSERT melt that takes less time to drop off than your food, then YOU’RE the mean one. It is not normal to get upset over a second or 2 for a refill! Saying that it’s an unneccesary second or 2 is flat out wierd. Nobody bitches about that! You do, but in your defense, you do think like a child. You speak like one & tell us all how you act like one. But then you get mad like one when we call you on it. ********GO AWAY********. Got it yet? I know children have a hard time accepting the truth or taking a hint. So I had to be blunt. Now please don’t go & cry because I was mean & uncaring to you.

  12. No, Springs, I don’t believe I will “STOP THIS” because I find it immensely entertaining. If you didn’t type in so many caps, and repeat the same things over and over again about how most servers, myself included, were mean, uncaring and selfish people because we do things like we’ve been trained, then I *****************************************************MIGHT******************************* just be more inclined to back you up on this. However, you attacked me after an earlier post, calling me rude and uncaring and mean and selfish, and I am none of those things, and being that it’s ***************************************************************************************MY************************************************************* blog, I’m going to let your imposter do whatever he/she wants to do.

    Have a marvelous day hun

  13. Ribeye
    “calling me rude and uncaring and mean”

    It may not be rude or mean not to bring condiments before the food comes out, but it sure is UNCARING. You are UNCARING not to care if your customers get delivered what they ordered no matter if you bring out the food or not. The “CARING” servers that I have had that had voluntarily brought out the condiments before the food came out are those that are VERY good and CARING servers. Servers like you that don’t do that aren’t, because you have made a mistake happen that wouldn’t have happened like with the missing mayo. That COULD have been PREVENTED. You can STOP a mistake from happening as far as condiments go by bringing them out BEFORE the food comes out. YOU KNOW that is the TRUTH! PREVENT the situation BEFORE it probably happens from a food runner that could care less about what they are taking to the customer.

  14. No, it’s not the truth. As I said when the original post went up, when you’re running a lot of tables, you simply cannot go running to the kitchen for every little thing, that’s why restaurants hire support staff. It has nothing to do with being uncaring.

    Also, as long as YOU continue to post here with your rants against all people in the industry who don’t adhere to your standard, the faux springs will post here. I will allow it…nay…I will encourage it.

    Back off of my other readers, they call you uncaring names and such because you brought it on yourself. The things you say aren’t so much truth as YOUR OPINION on how things should be run. You’ve not been a real server before, you’ve been a counter clerk. There is a HUGE difference in working a donut counter and working in a full service environment, and the fact that you fail to realize just what goes into serving tables shows that you only see it from one point of view, which is the “I’m Right, the Server is wrong” point of view.

  15. You seriously just childishly said to me, “YOU ARE REALLY STUPID.” Honey, the FACT is, I have been serving for 2 years & you never have. You have no clue how to do the job & I happen to do my job damn well. That may be why I got a $20 tip off of one table tonight. But a person like you who thinks like their 9 years old obviously feels that what they say is right. Even if they have proven that they have no clue what they’re talking about. You are a weird individual who, as I have sai many times before, is a psychopath. GET A LIFE THAT *******NORMAL******** ADULTS HAVE.

  16. Oh yeah. & the food runners DO care what goes to the table because almost ALL of them are servers. They set up tray for certain shifts & serve most of the time. They know what they are doing, yet a mistake can still happen. Only a moron would think otherwise.

  17. Mary
    “Oh yeah. & the food runners DO care what goes to the table because almost ALL of them are servers. They set up tray for certain shifts & serve most of the time. They know what they are doing, yet a mistake can still happen. Only a moron would think otherwise.”


    HOW COME I have received food wrong and there were SEVERAL mistakes in bringing out the food at times? One could understand ONE mistake on a plate, but NOT BUNCHES, UNLESS THE FOOD RUNNER DIDN’T BOTHER TO READ THE TICKET or UNLESS THE SERVER PUT THE ORDER INCORRECTLY INTO THE COMPUTER, WHICH IS MORE UNLIKELY?

    I got delivered ribs that I specifically ordered no bbq sauce on the plate even and there was a side of bbq sauce. The fries that came with the entree according to the MENU, weren’t there. I had ordered 2 sides of tarar sauce for my fries, which only 1 side was on the plate. My SERVER actually had to bring out my fries and get the extra tartar sauce. He also took the bbq sauce also. My point is, FOOD RUNNERS DON’T CARE! I can expect 1 mistake, but to have SEVERAL things missing PROVES they aren’t reading the menu or the tickets. The fries CAME with my ribs, but when the food runner brought the ribs, they weren’t on the plate, which MOST restaurants I have gotten ribs from,they put the fries on the same plate.

    Take the example with the food runner situation with the waiter at Applebee’s that told me “They are just too lazy to read the tickets.” I HONESTLY BELIEVE he put in the order 100% correctly. It was the FOOD RUNNER that NEVER BOTHERED TO VERIFY A DAMN THING. As long as the ticket was put in correctly, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU MISS 2 sides of mayo, 1 side of mustard and 1 side of ranch on a plate NOT being there? I doubt this food runner was blind or something.

    I have written on a message board where this one waitress worked at TGIFriday’s and said that she had to tip out a certain percentage of the sales to the server that runs the food NO MATTER WHAT, that she couldn’t reduce the tipout if the server that ran the food didn’t bring out the food correctly. My point is, the food runners DO NOT CARE if the food is correct. They just here “Bring this to table 6” and they bring it to table 6 WITHOUT VERIFYING THE TICKET WITH THE PLATE. HOW COME my food comes out with mistakes a lot, MOSTLY when there’s another server involved? It’s NOT because these servers that run the food actually CARE when it’s NOT THEIR TABLE. I honestly feel the LAST person to SEE the food can verify what the hell is on the plate. I KNOW that sometimes the server may not put in the order correctly, but honestly, 9 times out of 10, it’s the food runners that do NOT read the tickets.

    Only a “MORON” would think another server would actually CARE about another server’s tip. WHY is it, that a few food runners brought out refills even though that person wasn’t our server, but yet we’d also had at least 2 food runners that brought our food and NEVER brought our refills we asked for when we asked the server that ran our food for refills? One waitress that brought our food out said just like this when I asked for a refill “Your server will get it.” Do you know what? SHE NEVER ONCE TOLD OUR WAITER. He came by the table about 2-3 minutes later as if NO ONE NOTIFIED HIM EVEN. Do you know WHY? That server that ran our food DIDN’T CARE, because it WASN’T “HER” TABLE. I had to ask him for a refill then. SEE HOW MOST OF THE TIME, THERE IS NOT TEAMWORK INVOLVED. If you think there is, you are the moron. If you honestly think that food runners or other servers that run the food actually CARE if the food is correctly, you are an idiot.

    Almost all of them are servers as you said, BUT, it’s NOT ***THEIR*** TABLE, so they aren’t going to really be penalized as much as the actually main server is. Think about it. For instance, when the waiter at Applebee’s told me that they don’t read the tickets when none of the condiments were on the plate, do you know WHO really paid the price for that? It really was my waiter that did. Even if the waiter could reduce the tipout, still, the person that is punished the most is the main server. His tip was 12%. If he would have took charge of his TIP by BRINGING OUT THE CONDIMENTS BEFORE the food came out, my food would have been correct, therefore, his tip would have been 20% or more instead of 12%. He DIDN’T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE ENTREE CAME OUT. HE COULD HAVE BROUGHT THOSE CONDIMENTS AHEAD OF TIME IF HE CARED. He just put his 100% TRUST into the food runner system. I still feel when this type of thing happens with the missing condiments, even though another server brought out the food, my waiter could have easily done like those other 8 servers did to bring out those condiments ahead of time. It’s my SERVER’S responsiblity to get my order correct as long as the order was put in correctly UNLESS it’s something the server cannot possibly control such as a pasta dish that was ordered with chicken, but the food runner can easily SEE it doesn’t have chicken and ends up bringing it out anyways. CONDIMENTS ARE ALWAYS IN THE SERVER’S CONTROL UNLESS you cannot find a bottle of a certain condiment or they are out of a certain condiment. It DOESN’T take 15 minutes to get condiments.

    ONLY A MORON would actually not understand how many TIMES food gets delivered NOT OBVIOUSLY CORRECT to the customers from food runners. We’ve been through situations SOOOO MANY TIMES. I feel 95% of those times the food was obviously wrong brought by another server, the order was put in 100% correctly into the computer. If it’s not their tip on the line, they aren’t going to care. They know they will be getting tipped out from the sales, not from if the customer tips well or not.

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