What to do when your trainee just doesn’t get it.

I taught training class today.


12 thoughts on “What to do when your trainee just doesn’t get it.

  1. I am a new reader to your blog and just want to say that I really enjoy it.

    If this girl is disinterested and not learning- at some point you have to just let her sink or swim. It sounds like you have accomodated her as much as you can and now it is up to her to succeed or fail.

  2. Ribeye – you know I love your blog. However, springs makes a point: in fine dining you do not talk to a costumer with plates in your hand – ever ever ever – maybe if the building is on fire, but that’s it.

    HOWEVER, you’re restaurant is not fine dining and in casual dining, holding plates is very common and usually not frowned upon.

    MOREOVER, most of his comments are BS simply intended to rile you. Don’t let it get to you


  3. From what she’s posted on here, most of the restaurants she goes to are not fine dining, so she may be lucky to get the service she does. It’s not like I sit dishes down at a table, I just stop by and check on people. It’s a multitasking thing =)

  4. i think you should give the trainee girl a smack and tell her to either pay attention or stop wasting your time.

    i love your blog btw 😀

  5. I have a very short tolerance level when it comes to enthusiasm at work. She is clearly showing no interest at all at wanting to excell at her job, as well as giving no indication of willingness to try to learn. Is your restaraunt hurting for bodies so bad that just anyone that can “fog a mirror,” will do? I’d start over with someone else. Someone that does give a darn about learing the ins and outs of the biz and is excited about getting started!

  6. Just document the situation to death and turn it in. As a friend of mine likes to say, “You can’t fix stupid.” I would add that it’s almost impossible to fix unmotivated, lazy, etc., at least by the time people get to be adults. Pull her aside and ask her why she’s doing this at all if she’s not interested, and let her know that you’re required to document everything.

    On Springs: don’t go away mad, darlin’, just go away. Please.

  7. as a trainer myself, i know how frustrating this can be. i dealt with a girl similar to this a few months ago.

    I just had to sit down with her and say what I felt.

    It went something like this.

    “How badly do you want to work here? Because it seems like you really don’t care. You’re not taking this seriously enough, and I really want to see you succeed. If you don’t start shaping up, I’m going to have to let the GM know about your poor performance, and then it’s in her hands. Please, let me help you succeed.”

    she seemed unaffected by that still and I told the GM and after she failed her next quiz she told her not to come in the next day.

  8. I’m with Bob….. you can’t fix stupid. I once trained someone who was mentally challenged to work a cashiering station, and he sounds like frickin’ genius in comparioson!

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