Put up some new blog links

and I think you should all check out these new “Blog Stars” and give them as much traffic as you give to me.

And here we go:

1/2 server, 1/2 amazing

About a Nurse


Dani Dani Bo Bani, the no non-sense bliggety blog

Diners Nation, Dining made easy

Kind of a Big Deal

Trader Jack

If I didn’t get to you this time around, but I’ve recently added you, I’m sorry, there’s a ton of links on here and it’s hard to remember the most recent.

New post coming next, but wanted to get these guys out there.



4 thoughts on “Put up some new blog links

  1. You’re very welcome, May, I only do what needs to be done, and making sure Nurses get respect is one thing that desperately needs to be done. I figure if I get your blog out there, people will see your links also, and they will read other nursing blogs, and nurses might get a little bit more respect, and someday you will all get the respect that you deserve from an unappreciative public.

    I’m anal about respect for nurses because when I was in with my appendecitus, and my partner was in for his surgeries a year and a half ago, the nurses are the ones who took care of us before and after the operations.

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