Why is it that you see fit to repeat the same things over and over again in every single comment?


81 thoughts on “Springs1

  1. Sweetie, when you present facts, then I’ll listen. But you have been unable to do so yet. Get over it. We’re not rude grabbibg plates on our way to get your refill. What about that statement do you not get??!! You are too dense to understand simple serving policies. Stop bitching about servers doing their jobs correctly!

  2. There are only two ways to get Springs to stop:
    The first one is the one I did which was to just stop writing about my serving experiences. Which would be unfeasable for Ribeye. The second one is to completely ignore her. Which is impossible because it only makes her kick and scream harder until she says something so outrageously demented that someone responds and it starts all over again. And it would be no use to change your website address because she would find you. She found me and I had posted one blog entry about serving and then all of sudden there was Springs. She’s like a rash. You want it to go away so badly that you try to ignore the pain and the itching but it eventually gets so bad that you can’t help but scratch a little and then it flairs up and get’s worse!

    Springs1, the spit in your soup is mine, the hair in your salad is mine, and the mayonnaise on your burger is the cook’s. I hope you enjoy your meal.

  3. Hi Everyone:
    I sincerely wish to start being kinder and more reasonable. I hope in time you will forgive my ranting and raving, it’s justhave that I have trouble backing down, especially when I feel ganged up on. It’s my pride.

    If you will give me a chance to be nicer I will try to do my best to respect others.

    Sorry to be so annoying and obnoxious. I want to do better.

  4. Once again. A restaurant is not a store. A restaurant is not a hospital. A restaurant is not a tree. A restaurant is not a telephone booth.

    If you cannot understand the differences between objects and concepts, then I fear for your grip on reality and will petition to have your driver’s license revoked.

  5. ServER not ServANT
    “And who said life was fair?”

    At least you are admitting you aren’t being fair. You can MAKE things fair if you wanted to. Parts of life CAN be fair if the players are willing to play fair.

    “If I take more than one tables drink orders at same time, I deliver them in order as to who is closest to kitchen first. Why? It would be rude to walk past one table with their drinks and then walk back by to deliver them.”

    Actually it WOULDN’T because they have eyes and can SEE that you didn’t take their order first out of the 3 tables. It’s RUDE to give the third people their drinks first. THAT’S IS WHAT IS RUDE, WRONG, and as you admitted, UNFAIR. SO WHY THE HELL DO THAT? WHO CARES if it

  6. The Baroness
    “Once again. A restaurant is not a store. A restaurant is not a hospital. A restaurant is not a tree. A restaurant is not a telephone booth.
    If you cannot understand the differences between objects and concepts,”

    YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALWAYS GOES BY WHO CAME FIRST EXCEPT FOR HOSPITALS. Hospitals have a reason that they don’t want people to die over someone’s broken arm. That’s different. NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE(literally) IF SOMEONE HANDS THE PERSON THAT ORDERED FIRST, THEIRS FIRST. That is WHY people wait THEIR TURN. When it’s THEIR TURN, then that’s when it will be their TURN. Do you honestly think when someone cuts in front of you in a line that it is NICE of them to do that? If you say NO, then you are LYING.

  7. Springs 1 wrote…

    “…Any SMART person would have written that post in Microsoft Word and PROOFREAD the post BEFORE trying to prove a point…”

    Word doesn’t catch all spelling errors, Springs. It certainly didn’t catch the error you made in spelling ‘per se’ as ‘per SAY’, now, did it?

    Jenna hit the nail on the head when she pointed out your issues with misspelling homophones. Don’t they teach you proper spelling and language skills in the group home?

    Goodness, any SMART person would have caught that, Springs. You didn’t. You’re not smart at all, even by your own warped standards.

  8. With your ranting and ravings, I truly believe you are a paranoid schizophrenic. No one and I mean no one in their right mind gives a rat’s ass if I deliver their drinks first , last or in the middle except you. You seem to believe everyone is out to get you and make your life miserable. When in reality you are doing it to yourself.

    As far as my being lazy and selfish? I consider the source.

  9. Springs,
    If you are holding your knowledge of resturant service as proof of your intelligence, you’re fighting a loosing battle. It’s painfully obvious that you know very little about one of the most important elements in service, people.
    I agree ability to spell is not the be all and end all, but as I’ve alluded to many times before there is no way you will NEVER convince anyone here about anything. Ever.
    Why is this so disproportionately important to you?

  10. So let me get this straight. You are convinced that if you ask me for a refill, that I am rude if I grab a fucking plate on the way in? Is that what you’re saying? Then let’s just say that I completely ignore that plate & my manager sees me enter the kitchen with an empty tray. My response, ” I need to get this woman a refill.” His response, “You can still grab a plate or a glass on your way in. NEVER come back empty handed. It takes you a second to toss something on that tray. Don’t let it happen again.” So Springs1, any ideas on that? By the way, that was exactly what has happened before. You’re refill getting to your table literally 5 seconds later than you want is how it’s going to happen when it’s your drink or a write up for me. I CHOOSE to do the things in such a way that I have a job to come back to the next day. You claim that you have seen people “break the rules & still have jobs.” Well there’e a big difference. People can bend the rules on OCCASION! But if they keep doing things your way & a manager sees that, guess what baby cakes! We lose our jobs! You & your refill are NOT worth my job. I don’t go to work to be bitched out by people like you or by my managers for doing things the way you say I should. Servers get sick of that. You don’t get that we get bitched at either way we do things. The CORRECT way gets me bitched at by you,(although that never happens to me because people don’t act like you.) & the WRONG way gets the managers on my ass with a write up slip for me to sign. Too many of those & I’m gone. So screw you, got it? You are not worth that!!

  11. Springs1
    I didn’t think that was your writing (neither style nor content). And no matter what I think of your comments, only a dumb-ass thinks it is funny to hijack a userid.

  12. I think Springs should just open her own restaurant and then she can work it any way she wants. Not only that, but it may show just how effective her PERFECT rules are.

  13. This lady amazes me. It is like arguing with a mop. She is oblivious to how a restaurant operates. Pre-bussing is the function that allows the kitchen to have plates to serve your cheese sticks and ranch on. Pre-bussins is the function that allows the server to have a glass to get your refill in. If you are so deeply offended by the fact that a waiter took an additional 8 seconds to clear off a table prior to getting your drink, perhaps you should stick to dining at McDonalds.

    I keep telling myself that this person is playing a game. She really can’t be this disturbed when it comes to dining out. Amazing…

  14. Springs, if people served the way you think they should, wait times at restaurants would be a lot longer.

    Also, you’re not two. You are old enough to know that life isn’t fair. Life is never fair. Get over it.

    So suck it up, stop making your anal retentive lists, and stay the fuck away from restaurants.

  15. The Baroness
    “Because one day, *I* am going to be the person ordering the soup and salad after the guy that ordered his steak charred to a crisp, and *I* am going to get my soup and salad before his steak is properly torched.”

    To be perfectly HONEST with you, it may be more times that things are unfair than you get that are fair. So NO, it’s NOT FAIR just because you may get yours one time faster, because it’s NOT fair to the other customer.

    WHY do you think because you get something faster than you shouldn’t have had somehow that makes things FAIR or makes up for times you didn’t? IT DOESN’T make up for shit!

    “THAT, Springs my dear, is called being fair. Fair is a give and take relationship;”

    Sorry, but that’s UNTRUE! “FAIR” means being fair IN EVERY SITUATION, EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME. It’s not being fair one time here and another time not being fair. THAT’S NOT WHAT IS FAIR AND YOU KNOW IT! Fair is NOT a give and take relationship, it is WHO ORDERED WHAT FIRST AND HOW LONG THE PARTICULAR PERSON WAITED. What if you never ate out again and decided you were going to get take-out or to cook, if the last time you left things you had your food given to you not in the correct order, then you will NEVER be able to get it back. Being fair has absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, to do with giving and taking. Being fair is doing things the “RIGHT AND MORAL WAY” EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY TIME. NOT ONE TIME HERE AND ANOTHER TIME YOU DON’T. HOW THE HELL IS THAT “FAIR?”

    “I guaran-goddamn-tee that, at least once and quite possibly several times, you have ordered something after someone and gotten it before someone, because their meal took longer to cook and/or put together. Did that person cry and stomp their feet and whine to the manager how

  16. Makers
    “If you are so deeply offended by the fact that a waiter took an additional 8 seconds to clear off a table prior to getting your drink, perhaps you should stick to dining at McDonalds.”

    WHY, McDonald’s people aren’t always fair either? One time at Popeyes when I was a teenager, my mom ordered a family meal with a couple of cokes. The counter person gave other people their drinks that ordered WAY AFTER WE DID. At Quiznos one time, the cashier was ringing up my sandwich with my credit card. There was a man behind me waiting to pay himself. The bitch customer decided it was ok to come back in line after she had ordered her sandwich while the credit card machine was waiting to spit out my receipt. This cashier decided instead of what I would have done is to say get in the back of the line, NO, she actually rings this bitch up for a coke, which is self-serve at this Quiznos. That was SOOOO RUDE to this other guy in line that may have been paying with cash as well. My point is, NO MATTER WHERE THE HELL YOU ARE PEOPLE CAN BE UNFAIR! BOTH the cashier and the customer were wrong. First off, when I wanted to order another something else, I have ALWAYS went in the back of the line. I NEVER “CUT.” Secondly, as I said before, I would have told the lady she needed to get in the back of the line. BOTH WERE WRONG, but the person really responsible for the cutting is the CASHIER, because she let this person go ahead of the guy behind me. That’s just WRONG AND UNFAIR. It’s also EXTREMELY RUDE!

  17. Kat
    “Springs, if people served the way you think they should, wait times at restaurants would be a lot longer.”

    First off, NOT everytime you go to a restaurant there is a wait for a table. Secondly, I’d MUCH RATHER WAIT LONGER TO WAIT “MY TURN” AS IT SHOULD BE, so when it really IS MY TURN, I can have it FAIRLY.

    “Also, you

  18. Dear Springs,
    ~ so ~
    *Please* pay attention to this. It applies directly to what you’re saying.

    I understand, by the way, how frustrating it is when our own efforts to conduct ourselves politely and considerately are not acknowledged or reciprocated.

    I know it is bothersome to see someone else get their service out of the proper order, especially if they just got there and you’d been waiting longer.
    This is annoying and, yes, unfair.

    I understand that.

    May I please ask you to ponder something from my point of view? By the way, if you ignore this post, I will never try to be good-natured to you again, just so you know. I’m making an effort here. Do me the courtesy of honouring your OWN sense of FAIRNESS, and respond to it.

    .. okay, here goes.

    I’m glad you see that sometimes life is not in our control. Still, people who are able to make right moral choices often DO NOT, and it’s unfortunate because it cramps the style and convenience of others, of whom you find yourself being, according to what you’ve shared with us.
    Is it possible, Springs, that you might be able to regard the wrongs of other people as THEIR deal, and to content yourself that it’s not your fault, nor is it your responsibility to change it?

    It just seems from these posts that your dining experiences leave a lot to be desired on account of those who don’t behave as they ought to.

    Well, it’s true that this world presents such regular events.
    I can’t help wondering if it’s giving you any satisfaction to blow off steam as you need to, or is the point of your postings directed at an attempt for reform?

    If you’re hoping that other people will change their behaviour, I’m afraid you won’t have much enjoyment in this life.

    See, I MUST MUST MUST seek joy wherever it can be found, even if it’s just in the little stuff such as: the server forgot my soup spoon and brought me two forks. I could get angry, OR .. I could laugh at the silliness of trying to eat my soup with the fork.

    It’s all in how we treat OURSELVES in this life, no matter what the circumstances. If things are forever bothering you, there may be some underlying issues that keep getting shoved aside because airing grievances about dining snafus is easier than confronting your own demons.
    Only you know what they are. This blog is a scapegoat, that’s all. You’re not actually mad at Ribeye or even at all these people who disagree with you: YOU, Springs, are mad at something or someone in your own life (maybe your past) that you CANNOT FIX.
    … so what do you do? You express this displeasure here, and it doesn’t exactly win you points, does it.

    I don’t like being harsh to anybody. You’re asking for it all the time, tho’. I would much rather send you a hug, and ask if there’s anything I can do to cheer you up.
    Springs, if I get NO reply, or a sarcastic, mean one, I’ll stop trying to be nice to you altogether.

    I’m extending a hand in peace. Will you take it?

  19. Springs,
    Not all cashiers are able to stand up to rude,nasty customers.. it’s askillthat takes years to develop and some people never manage to do so, as I found out recently when i stopped a line cutter and was thanked by the cashier (who actually wasn’t allowed to stop such behavior).


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