Women can be so dramatic sometimes.

I’ve noticed in recent weeks that when there’s a problem with food or service, it’s always the women who lose their tempers first.

Don’t get me wrong, I love women…in that non-sexual I’m a fagling way, but why is it that no matter how small the issue is, if there’s a woman (or women) at the table, there’s going to be a manager visit along with free food, a complaint to corporate, and much gloating.

You’ve all seen some of the recent posts, where the boyfriend or husband has been embarrassed by the womans reaction to problems.


23 thoughts on “Women can be so dramatic sometimes.

  1. “comped because we almost killed her.”

    No her inbredness almost killed her. The time is just a guideline. No doctor in the world expects a medicine to be delivered on time. It also takes minutes or a half hour for the pill to be dispersed throughout the body. Time critical meds are done in a hospital sitting or you have an implant or medical device attached to your body that automatically injects the medicine on a scheldule.

    These women do this because they know they can get away with it. When you clamp down on these “dis food better be fray” customers they stop doing these embrassing routines. Your management in this case needs to acquire a backbone. You are losing more money on these customers then you are getting so losing them is actually a gain.

  2. I have no clue because I have NEVER acted like that in public. I had a woman tonight that managed to get her party of seven’s meal completely comped. If there are more than 6 people in a party, then we HAVE to split the ticket. I rang in 4 & 3. The secong ticket took 5 extra minutes. We were busy & there were 7 people. One bitch asked me what time their order was rung in. “At 7:26.” It was 8:00 now. She looks at her watch & says, “Well don’t you think an hour is a long time to have to wait for our food?” I looked at my watch & replied, “It hasn’t been an hour, it’s been 30 minutes. And I do apologize for your wait.” Bt the way, I have a friend from work who reads your blogs every day too & she agrees with me that we gain more confidense from you. The same lady was rude to her as well & she told her that she didn’t have to be rude. That was thanks to you I bet!! We all love your blogs. Oh yeah, & the only nice one of the bunch was a guy. Shocked much? Not me.

  3. Unless you’re giving TPA to a stroke patient, the typical window for any medicine is plus or minus 30 minutes and it sure as hell won’t hurt anything if you miss that target by a few hours with most drugs. What do you want to bet that the woman’s pill was a psychotropic?

  4. Back in the day, when I was serving, we had older clientel (ALWAYS a woman!) that would pull this. They would come out on a night known for being busy at a time known for being busy and then would DEMAND we deliver bread to the waiting area because their medication HAD to be taken at such and susch time or they were diabetic and HAD to eat.

    All of these things may be true but you need to plan accordingly. If you’ve only been waiting 5 minutes for a table, how can you honestly argue it’s our fault you’re not sitting in front of a full table spread at a FINE DINING establishment? You know that even if you’re seated immediately, you won’t even have an appetizer in front of you when you’ve only been in the restaurant for FIVE gd minutes.

    You’re hilarious.

    Ranch should be banned. I bet if you cut open the saddle bags of these fat asses you’d find vats of ranch and hardened grease. The so called ‘ranch craze’ isn’t new though. People were insane over it almost 10 years ago when I was serving.

    (BTW…and you can edit this…are you aware that with the mention of one of your signature desserts and stating that you work in a restaurant entertainment venue connected to a mall in Nashville, it’s VERY easy to figure out exactly where you work? There are some real whack jobs out there, I wouldn’t want your personal safety to be at risk.

    Oh! And on that same venue, how many of these unclassed fools ask you what boursin is? It’s featured on a few of the dishes where you work and I can imagine quite a few people don’t know what it is. I can only imagine the questions, exclamations, curses and eye rolls you receive over that ingredient.)

  5. It really is women. I’ve had a few “Entitlement Junkie” men, but overall, the most consistenly insane customers are women.

    I learned early, you don’t mess with the person who handles your food. I’d be tempted to smile crazily and say with barely-surpressed glee, “I’d be quite happy to take your food into the kitchen and… fix it for you.” I wouldn’t actually do anything to it, but I’d just to make them think.

  6. I think is must be because we are constantly told to be “nice” girls through out our lives, and something just snaps when they hit that restaurant door. If those women had ever been servers in their entire lives, they wouldn’t have been that way. Ghetto entitlement junkies are the worst.

  7. Like I’ve said before, some women are entitlement junkies/drama queens no matter WHERE they are – restaurants, hospitals, car service centers, etc. There is always SOME kind of drama to be had. UGH!

  8. You know, people who should be comped meals are the ones who take no glee in getting bad (or supposedly bad) service. For instance, the ones that sit quietly until you ask them what is wrong, and they may tell you what they find to be off. They almost act ashamed to bring it up. When they do, and you go out of your way to make things better for them they are grateful but took no pleasure in the poor service or problem. It was people like this that comped meals are for, but word got out and now it is completely abused. Sad!

  9. I can’t get past the “exkra.” There’s no “k” in “extra.” Where do people come up with this stuff? It’s one thing to pronounce things differently due to regional inflictions; it’s another thing entirely to start making up your own words.

  10. I hate complaining women. I had a pair of them at a table today who ordered pork dumplings. The first order was slightly undercooked. I took it back with a smile and a few minutes later it came back fresh and hot. I dropped it off and lo and behold they were still “undercooked.” Was sent back again…complained to my manager…and they got a free meal for their troubles. So what would have ended up as a $40 ticket resulted with a $1.50 tip.

  11. I’m that friend! I was about to post about that fucking woman mary talked about….and i’m still going to. –>

    Chunky red head wearing a bright red sweater. I hated her from the minute I saw her and her bad color choices.

    I sat one of my regulars at one of Mary’s tables because my section was full. Mary is a good server so I was like, heck yes, more money fo’ Mary! Well, i’m sweeping my round and the regular gets up and comes to tell me that the party beside them is bitching and that I might want to run over and help out two of our servers sections, so I do. (I spend a lot of my time at work fixing problems that other servers aren’t even aware of.) SO—- I ask them all if they’re ok and they immediately start to bitch me out. I get everything they need (i thought) and go back out there. They didn’t tell me they had decaf coffee. They got mad at me for bringing regular and the red head snapped a command for some A1 sauce with a rude comment along with it and that’s when I say- “You know, you can just ASK me, there is no reason to be rude.” I left it at that which I am completely proud of because I was SO CLOSE to giving her a piece of my mind. I went above and beyond ALL DAMN NIGHT and the THIRD issue with that table being a complete bitch was not going to fly with me.
    We had one host last night. I was serving. I get a headset and start helping host.. to get paid 2.18 to take care of my section and host too. Crap I know.. but had to be done. This on top of getting yelled at by a table when i’m not even their server.. oh god.. it was on. I just wanted to tell her.. how DARE you get pissy with me when I am walking over here out of the goodness of my heart to help YOU out. NO WHERE does it say I have to help ANYONE out and NO WHERE does it say you have a right to treat me like trash.. . among other things that I won’t put on here. heh.

    And yes, You did give me the confidence to stand up for myself last night. I feel like I have more control than I thought I did. p.s. sorry that my comment is long.

  12. You know, maybe it is just because I mostly have male business travelers (since we’re attached to a hotel and all) but almost all of my Entitlement Junkies are men. Even when we have women at the table, the one who is going to complain and get something for free is the man who is trying to show off. And I hate Hate HATE when people ‘joke’ about getting free stuff – I HATE IT!
    Sorry. Got a little upset, there.

  13. People like this would complain if there shit was too dark. I am saying it again Ribeye, as I do in most of my comments, your srving job sucks! It sounds as if your restaurant accepts food stamps.

  14. I don’t know. I have never shown my ass in public without having a good reason (like the cook at a Japanese restaraunt taking food off of someone else’s plate and putting it on mine).

    I think men get irritated, but women are more vocal about it.

  15. Posting this cold…

    Women act out because they aren’t accountable for their actions. See also: inability to parallel park. People tend to act the way society expects them to.

  16. Jesus tap dancing christ your managers need to grow some fucking back bone if i was a manager i wouldnt comp a meal unless we screwed the pooch on it. Eh i might come by tomorrow if i can and get some lunch there.

  17. I’ve never been a waiter, but I have worked retail. My worst customers were little old ladies. And my best customers were little old ladies. I swore to myself that I’d be one of the latter. I hate prima donnas!!

  18. hi Walter;
    I agree to some extent: society does seem to ‘allow’ for more acting out on women’s behalf simply because we’re considered weaker and more emotional in general.

    However, please don’t discount the exceptions …
    !! Gadz, I’m reacting. OH NO, I’ve just become an example! Whatever shall I do? ~ I know, I’ll cry. That’s it. .. no, no that’s not enough. Maybe if I stomp on the table and demand some exkra rainch.. really LOUDLY ..

    …………… ??!

    ~ nahhh.

  19. John: No, I’m not a racist, pig perhaps, but not racist at all. I have a problem with ghetto trash, not black people in general. I have a problem with white trash, black trash, and mexican trash. I have no problem with black people who don’t treat us like shit, I have a problem when I go to a table of ghetto women and they don’t even let me finish speaking before making demands, or they blow things out of proportion. They immediately jump to the race card, and they complain about the smallest things in order to get meals free.

    I have a ton of black friends, and a ton of black server friends, and they are embarrassed by the way their ghetto cousins act when they go out.

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