Raging Racist?

A recent post on the BitterWaitress.net forums inspired me to make this post, and I’m sure it’s going to make me pretty unpopular for a while.

Wrong again. I got a comment on the Women can be so dramatic sometimes post saying that I was a “racist pig”. I get e-mails on a daily basis saying that I’m “evil racist slime” and “I wouldn’t spit on your cracker ass if I were on fire”. I don’t know how many ways to say this, but I AM NOT A RACIST! Yes, I dislike certain portions of different racial groups, and you all know that I’ve lumped those groups into one group, the Entitlement Junkies.

Yes, this might be a bit callous, but after serving these different people for so long, I’ve learned the hard way that Entitlement Junkies just don’t tip, and they treat servers like shit. If you think that makes me a racist, then you can stop reading this blog right now. Sorry to offend you, but that’s just how I feel.

If some of you haven’t noticed, I’ve never once used a racial slur on this page, and I never will. I don’t agree with using it, and if you think the words “ghetto trash” are a racial slur, then you also can stop reading this blog right now. I’ve said it time and time again, I don’t have a problem with all black people. I have a problem with the dregs of the black race, the ones that come in with either their pants hanging down their asses, weave four feet on top of their heads, ebonics so thick that I can barely translate it, etc. I have a problem with black tables that are so demanding that I spend more time with them than any other table in my section, therefore losing tips on other tables for a table that I’m not going to get tipped on anyway. I get tired of doing nothing wrong, giving exceptional service, and getting no tip. I’m tired of people assuming that I fucked up their order on purpose, when it was the fault of the kitchen, pulling the fucking race card, and leaving me no tip. I get tired of ghetto hoochie mommas that let their vast numbers of crotch spawn run around like dogs doing whatever the hell they want with no discipline whatsoever, and then yelling at me because I ask them to keep their kids under control. I get tired of being disrespected because I go to a table happy and in a good mood, and serve them just like I serve anyfuckingbody else.

What I don’t get tired of, are my black guests that are my regulars. The ones that are respectful, that talk to me and laugh with me. I don’t get tired of hearing how they hate the ghetto trash that I talk about. I don’t get tired of hearing how embarrassed they are with how their brethren act out in public. They don’t like to be lumped together into a group with the trash, and I don’t lump them together with the trash.

Black servers hate serving black tables. Black servers think they have a right to give substandard service to black tables, whether they are trash or not. They know the drill, only they don’t care if it’s a table that’s trash or a table that’s not. They get away with treating their black tables like this, yet if a white server treats a ghetto table (not a table of non-trash black people) perfectly, with no change in attitude, they are stiffed and usually end up with a ticket full of comps and complaints to the manager.

I have a ton of black friends. I get along great with the kitchen, that is primarily black men. They know I’m gay, and they know my feelings on ghetto tables. They know that me, along with other white servers don’t hate all black people. They know that we only hate those that come in with a chip on their shoulder against us and those that come in expecting to get something for free. We have lots of black servers that work where I do. One of my best friends, who just moved to Kentucky, is a black girl that could regularly be heard in the break room yelling “I HATE black people!” and on one particularly bad night after serving a group of extremely ghetto guys and girls that took the time to puke in a bowl and leave it on her table and spit in her menu, “God as my witness, I’ll never wait on another mother fucking nigga!” while holding a spot sweeping broom into the air, then throwing it across the room.

I have news for anyone who thinks that I’m racist. I love waiting tables, it doesn’t matter who it is. I don’t like being called “white boy” at the table, and I don’t like that some black tables insist on trying out 4 different alcoholic drinks before settling on a water with lemon.

Once again, I’ll also tell you about my first regulars. A black couple who comes in with their well behaved kids. They were the first couple I waited on when I got onto the floor, and they come in every week to see me. The wife sits at the table with me and listens to the gossip of the place, and loves hearing my stories about the ghetto trash I have to wait on. They tip great every time they come in, because I treat them just like anyone else I wait on. I don’t give them special treatment, save for getting them a free dessert for the kids sometimes, and that’s on my dime because I enjoy them coming in to see me. I couldn’t give a shit if they tipped or not to be honest with you, I enjoy it when they come in. I enjoy talking to them, because they are my friends. They have been coming to see me a little over a year now, and they have no plans to stop coming to see me. When one of their kids had appendecitus, the mother came in to let me know that they’d be back next week. I told them I’d buy them dinner, seeing as they were about to have a ton of medical bills for surgery. They came in the next week, and asked me for their check before I let them know that I’d already paid for their bill OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! They are good friends of mine, and they know that I’m not a racist, so I would appreciate it if you’d all stop judging me based on my feelings for the fucking ghetto trash I have to wait on. I know not all black people are like that trash, and I don’t prejudge anymore. I wait until after I meet the table before I decide the way it’s going to go, and even then I still give exceptional service until I am disrespected.

Just had to get that rant off of my chest.



18 thoughts on “Raging Racist?

  1. So are these same people yelling, “racist” at you when you write the phrase, “white trash”? No, of course not. Only blacks can be discriminated against, after all. wah wah fucking wah wah.

    Don’t justify yourself to these people. If they don’t like it, they can go somewhere else. Go whine to the NAACP, go to some place that actually gives a damn. If they’re really that ticked off by it, how ’bout trying to change the behavior and actions of those that act like trash? How about getting a clue that just like Bill Cosby said in, “Can’t Blame White People”, SOME people (of all races, but this has apparently become a discussion about blacks) do bring the race down. If you act like you’re out of a gangsta rap video, if you have no respect for yourself or others around you, if you speak with improper English and attribute it to your ‘cultutre’, perhaps, just perhaps you should start taking some damn PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    I saw this argument hashed on Bitter and others like it that devolved into basically an excuse and ‘free pass’ card for blacks beahving in this manner becaue they don’t know any better. Excuse me? WHAT? Um, ok. So what about “white trash” that doesn’t tip? Can we also use the excuse that they don’t know any better? No. Look at others around you and get a fucking clue. Animals can assimilate into their environments, why can’t the clueless trash and dregs of human society?

    So many double standards here it’s ridiculous. Ribeye, tell them to fuck off and spend their time changing the behaviors that drive these stereotypes instead of screaming because they know the descripions of the behavior are true.

    I’m going to go bitch to my Congressperson that you’re racist for writing, “white trash”. Guess what? I’m not offended by the phrase because although I know it exists, I know I’m not in that category.

    To hell with all of this bs nonsense that blacks are the only ones that can be discriminated against. Just like the Clemson party where white students dressed in gangsta style and the public outcry and ridiculous media attention that followed, this is no different. No one would be screaming anything if a group of blacks held a party where they wore skater style clothes, golf shirts or wire rimmed glasses. The door swings both ways and being a certain color isn’t a carte blanch pass to behave any way you want and then scream “racism!” when someone calls you on it.

    May all the trash of all races burn. Send ’em to an island to fight it out and get the f out of civilized society.

  2. I dont get how people can call you racist when you’re not.
    That’s just stupidity, on their part. People get so offended so easily these days. It’s ridiculous.
    Anyhew, I hope you dont give up the blogging, to hell with how people might insult you for daring to have an oppinion that’s different to theirs.

  3. No one wants to hear the truth about themselves anymore–it makes them uncomfortable–it brings them too close to that unforgiving mirror. Unfortunately stereotypes exist for a reason…

  4. I got the same types of things teaching. And I would respond in a way that some people thought was callous and bordering on unprofessional:

    “You pick on my kid because he’s black.”

    “I ‘pick on’ your kid because he does not have any positive disciplinary influence in his life, meaning you, and he will need to know that rules and laws aren’t options to be taken when they are convenient.”

    “Now you’re calling me bad parent (insert choice words of non-praise here)?!”

    “Yes, I am. Have a good day.”

  5. Oh, some people just live to complain for complaining’s sake, and they’ll use anything that will enable them to justify it.

    To them, ‘VICTIM’ equals ‘PRIVILEGE’, and so help anybody who disagrees.
    It’s not always about race (as in your cases here); it can be the grandiose self-entitlement to getting everything done with NO ERRORS WHATSOEVER (you know who you are).

    The trouble with demanding service perfection is that no matter how meticulous the most conscientious server may try to be, some things are just not in their control, so lighten up and quit spitting verbal toxic waste.

    Things break. The dishwasher may malfunction. Little kids might get in a server’s way suddenly and down everything goes! .. etc etc. LIFE HAPPENS and it AIN’T PERFECT.
    Learn to roll with the punches and stop griping about every teeny thing that isn’t up to your standards. It doesn’t make you look intelligent or admirable. It just makes you look petty, snide and impossible to please.

    For the incredibly hard work these servers do, they deserve respect, not continuous hassles here!!
    They get enough of that at work.

    I’d suggest putting yourself in their shoes to find out how it feels to serve YOU, but I keep having to remind myself that there’s no way you could comprehend it, since in order to empathize, you need empathy.

    I used to try being nice to someone just like you, Springs. I thought she was being bullied and that nobody cared enough to be her friend. I did try, and found out why nobody else wanted to. She had utterly NO regard for the rights or plights of anybody but herself. Her style of posting was identical, by the way.

    This is deja-vu for me.

    You can’t see it, but this is EXACTLY how you act.

  6. Stick to your guns, Ribster. Your writing is about as sincere as it gets, and a sad fact of life is that no matter how deeply you look within your soul and find no racist attitudes, there will always be those who believe that you’ve treated them differently simply because they’re of another race. I’ve always tried to remember that you can’t change what another person feels about you; the only attitude you can control is your own.

    As for the shit you put up with, man, it is UNBELIEVABLE. I gotta hand it to you, brother. Your job, and being an airline ticket counter employee, are two occupations that I don’t think I could handle, and I’ve seen my share of the dark side of humanity.

  7. Great post Ribeye, I had wondered if you were getting a lot of flack over some of your blogs. The bottom line for me is EVERYONE gets the same service the first time. If you tip me shitty and come back, God help you cause no one else in this place will. I have told every server on the floor that a particularly bad table doesnt get so much as a water refill. It works pretty good, especially since they dont have anyone to complain to except the bartender/floor manager and she aint giving away shit!

  8. Bleh! The only color I see is green. If you’re not showing me the green while I’m bartending then I will not show you the service.

  9. Ugh… what a bunch of idiots. Your posts are about the behavior, not the skin color. If some people are too stupid to understand that, I’m not sure there’s anything you could say to make them understand. And why bother? Fuck them.

  10. I get frustrated when people confuse classism for racism. Most of the issues that you discuss here have truly little to do with race per se, but more about class and cultures within class.

  11. Ghetto trash, white trash, Euro crap tip trash, they are all tables that should be pawned off to the new girl. Did I leave out spring break trash? Those should just be denied service all together!!!

  12. The people bitching & saying that you’re racist are the ones who actually do act racist. They’re the ones saying “cracker” & “white boy” like it’s ok. But they wanna say that people are being racist towards them! They say that to justify the fact that they’re the ones who actually are. Society has made it seem like ONLY white people are racist when these days, that’s total bullshit. Those people that use the race card are extremely racist, but they wanna try to justify that because of their ancestors. Screw that.

  13. JTN is right on the money. It’s class, not race. There are classy people out there from every race and ghetto people out there from every race. Society has somehow bought into the lie that people of color can’t be racists since way back when they were all held down by The Man. The University of Delaware was actually teaching that only white people are racists to all the students in their dorms until a big outcry made them stop. I’m sure the students still hear it in their classes though.

    I am living in a world gone mad.

  14. Wow. I feel better after reading this–I bet it felt great to right it! Your post says everything that I want to say right now…see, I got an anoynmous comment on my blog asking me why I chose to use the phrase “three black guys and girl” to describe the table. The reader wanted to know if I would have said, “three white guys and a girl” if it were the other way around. I was shocked. In my world, my comment was soooooo minor. I’m not sure what world that reader lives in. I can’t lie though, the comment had me pretty paranoid about the things I was writing…not that I would change any of it. I guess I’m just realizing how sensative people are…thanks for the post!

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