My name is NOT “Hey, You!”

When you are out to eat, there are certain things that you just don’t do, and yelling “Hey, You” at your server is one of them.


8 thoughts on “My name is NOT “Hey, You!”

  1. Well, Ribeye I usually just raise my hand and say “Waiter” or “Excuse me”.

    Amen on the lollipop headed women. I used to work in a kiosk in a mall and had the opportunity to do a lot of people watching. Sometimes I got the impression there are only two kinds of peeps in the world: A. Starving or B. Behemoths.

    BTW, I kind of get the impression that you don’t like Cosmopolitans – or is it just the trashy women who tend to drink them?

  2. Ribeye.. I don’t think you are racist… Not one bit.. you just have an intolerance for trash, of all shapes, sizes and colors.. And I don’t blame you one bit.

  3. Hey, wanted to let you know I’m not able to vote in your new poll… it keeps telling me I need to pick a valid answer.

    And a question, would you consider someone raising their hand at you (from afar) to be rude, or standard? Like when you’re walking by with plates in your hand, if your customer raises their hand (not obnoxiously, mind you) at you to get your attention?

  4. I prefer the raising your hand attitude. Don’t you dare yell at me across the restaurant. If I’m looking your way and you got my eye contact, then you can say “Ma’am”. Otherwise you better use sign language or get your stupid ass out of your booth and come to my attention. I hate restaurant screamers needing attention. “Hey You” is unacceptable. You better address me as “Ma’am” or “Upset Waitres”, or with some sort of title. “Hey you” is hillbilly mentality and needs to be responded with “Talk to the elbow because my hand ain’t listening, you fucking plumber dude”.

    Ahhhh. I just ranted.

  5. First things first, I try to make eye contact with my server. I work at a job where I am around the public a lot (but generally don’t have a lot of interaction with them). And I hate, hate, hate when people ask questions to my back. Don’t assume I know you’re talking to me!

    Anyway – I usually say excuse me, or could you bring me/us X or Y, please?

  6. I usually just snap my kingers at them. Just Kidding.

    I try to take care to ask for everything I might need while they are already at my table so they don’t have to keep making extra trips.

    I teach school and my pet peeve is “Miss”. Don’t call me “Miss”- call me “Ms. LastName” which I so kindly wrote down for you on the first day of school, have written on my desk and taught you how to pronounce and spell it correctly.

  7. I like “hey you” better than “waitress”. And lately I have been likeing either of those better than no words and a hand on my ass. Last night whilst enjoying my shift drink a guy came up to the bar and yelled “bartender…my I borrow a terry square…we’ve spiled out wine!!” My three fellow co-workers and I laughed so hard porter came out my nose. “Terry square”?? Where do these people come from??

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