I’m not giving out any more plastic silverware!

I’m sick and tired of it!


9 thoughts on “I’m not giving out any more plastic silverware!

  1. I was just thinking about the plastic silverware weirdos last night! It used to happen to me a lot to- my question is, they will eat on the plates, right? The plates are washed inthe SAME DISHWASHER and come out of the SAME ROOM. What’s next, paper plates?
    Maybe they were scarred by a miniscule smudge or piece of food one time. But if I’m paying to go out to eat, I want real silverware. Plastic is for bbq’s!

  2. I never even gave a thought about the silverware when eating out. I just assume that it’s clean. I mean, come on now folks……..after hearing how it’s cleaned at Ribeye’s place……now I KNOW it’s super duper clean!

  3. As for the plastic silverware, why not approach management, so they get to make the rule about no plastic silverware unless it’s a to-go order?

    After the cleaning your silverware gets, it’s cleaner than plastic is. Not to mention all the chemicals in plastic silverware.

    Next time, tell the white cheese guy that you’re not white.. you’re Caucasian, or whatever-American.

  4. …you clean your silverware a lot more thoroughly than my place does.

    A LOT more thoroughly.

    Ours just gets tossed into a rack, run through once, and then you’re at the mercy of the server. If you’re lucky, they actually bothered to polish it, and tossed the ones with lettuce firmly plastered on back into dish.

    But…most people probably don’t want to know that.

    I polish mine really, really well, if you’re wondering.

  5. actually the white cheese guy needs to realize that America is the only place that dyes it’s cheese. Everywhere else cheese is white.

  6. Yeah ditto to Serving Wench, above–I have never worked in a place (and have worked in plenty) that soaked silverware 3 times and ran it through the machine 4 times. No way…actually I’m calling shenanigans on that (not the restaurant from Super Troopers…I’m saying you’re exaggerating).

    Usually we would soak them then run them through once and then servers would polish them with napkins. Soda water??? Your boss must be extremely permissive with food costs.

    I am decidedly not one of these people who must soak their silver, but my grandmother taught me to wipe it off with my napkin when i sat down in a restaurant…and that’s what i do.

  7. ya know, if i was sitting on the other side of the screen reading it, I’d probably call shenanigans on it too, except for the fact that our staff for 3 months had so many complaints about filthy silverware. I dont know if it’s going to stay like it is, but it’s been this way for a couple of months now. we’ve got the product cost to be able to use the soda water, and we’re still babysitting most of the servers to make sure it gets done properly

  8. Funny you mention this. I had a regular GHETTO customer, who always asked for a plastic fork and knife. Weird. Used to piss me off though. Weirder, He was our garbage man and used to park his smelly truck in the restaurants parking lot. I called his garbage bossman on him for parking a stinky garbage truck in my parking lot in front of my eating establishment.

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