He-Ra, the Mustached Marauder

I’m as open minded as the next homosexual, or the next straight person to be honest, but when you come into my restaurant and I can’t tell if you are a man or a woman, please don’t get pissed off if I call you the incorrect gender.

Last night, in the bowling alley, I had a group of people who at first were pretty nice to me, until I came to this person who in all honesty looked like a little middle aged man.


13 thoughts on “He-Ra, the Mustached Marauder

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Autumn said yes sir to a “woman” once at the theater because she used to be a man. She was on some tv show talking about it & everyone recognized her. Autumn turned red when she said it & just turned around. I thought it was funny as hell though.

  2. I was at best buy the other day and I had the same problem. The “women” selling me the computer looked and dressed like a man. I kindly said “sir, can you help me”, and what do you know… She lashed at me saying “I’m not a Sir…”. Hell, if you are going to dress and groom yourself like a man, don’t come bitching at me when I mistake you. I’m sure you look in the mirror everyday and notice that something is not right. Good blog Ribeye! Oh, we are starting a food blog directory on dinersnation which should be released later this week once we get some bugs out. We featured you in our “hot blog” section. http://www.dinersnation.com/blogdirectory.php. Anyone can submit their blog (releated to food) and we will post it.

  3. Hello found your blog from Behind the Counter. Fellow server here in Pennsylvania. I like your blog. I feel your pain but I don’t get the ghetto trash like you do. Some try and come in but are scared away becasuse of the atmoshere or the prices. If they do decide to stay they get the service they deserve from me. Half par! Not a racist either, I just know the drill. BTW loveth you tube vid! Ever want to send one her way telling her what you think? I sure do. Look forward to reading more. Peace!

  4. In high school, a black friend of mine once told me $1.00 is a standard tip for a bar. Not a dollar per drink, but a dollar. Their parents told them the bar tender probably served 20 people per hour, so this is a lot of money.

    In my own professional life (at the most unprofessional place I worked) I found first-hand that $1.00, to many blacks is a common tip no matter what the bill.

  5. Will Work For Tips: I’ve found that it’s not all black people who tip like that, albeit many of them do. I find that they think $1-$4 is a valid tip for anything. I will admit that I don’t often get more than 10 bucks from a lot of black tables, but I do have many exceptions to the rule. I talk a lot about one of my regular couples who tip lavishly, and they say that some of their race is just trash, and to try not to judge them all based on it. They know it’s hard for us to not judge, and they understand. They still like me, because I treat them like my equals, and like my friends. I’d like seeing them even if they didn’t tip me well.

  6. I seriously would not be able to deal with the excessive levels of trash you do. I would definitely find another establishment.

    If I were you, I would have already had an aneurysm. I hope all of this stress isn’t harming your physically.

    Hoping this week brings you HUGE tips! 🙂

  7. I once mistook a manish looking woman for a man.

    When she was headed to the ladies room, I pointed out that the men’s room was “over there.” She took it quite well, and replied, “Thanks, if I need a man, I’ll look over there!”

  8. What did management have to say about it? I’m pretty sure that if she was as manly as you describe, than they probably blew off her complaint and told you to do the same.

  9. Well to be honest a buck is fine if you just get say a coffee and donut at a diner. Two dollars if you get a cheesburger, coke fries at said diner. Buffet where you just get your drinks brought to you three bucks for two people is fine. Three bucks is also fine for the pizza delivery man.

    Now a resturant where the meal is over 20 bucks and you get service where they bring the food to you tip 15 percent for decent more then 20 percent for great service.

    So yeah the amount you are supposed to tip depends more on where you eat out then just eating out. That is what people need to learn.

  10. Eatoutalot, I so disagree with you, the server with the cheeseburger wi working just as hard as the resturant over $20. 20% is a reasonable minimum and you should go up from there. Keep in mind I am not now, nor have a I ever been a server. Fair, is however, fair.

  11. One night at the last restaurant I worked at, a couple came in. One was definitely a man and the other we kept debating on. The second person had a full on full grown goatee I shit you not) , chubby, “man ” bewbies but also had waist length hair. The voice was very androgynous. Well one of the other servers noticed rest of us talking and told us they knew this person. She was a she and the wife of the other gentleman. OMG can you imagine having a wife with a goatee? One word. Electrolysis. Ok 2 words. Waxing. This woman works at the local Wal Mart and goes to work like that. I cannot imagine.

    As far as the plastic silverware goes, who is it hurting if they use plastic? Also OCD is a recognized mental disorder and should be treated as such. I have 2 customers who always eat with plastic. One even wears white cotton gloves like Jackie O used to wear. They both tip decent and if plastic makes them happy and able to eat, so be it.

    Now the hot water bit is a tad too much in my opinion.

  12. 20% of the meal I eat at said diner is two dollars. You obviously haven’t been to truck stop diners before. Two dollars is perfectly fine with them and the one time I didn’t have any cash for a tip the waitress said that was all right since I tipped them regulary.

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