Touching me is bad, very very bad

As promised, I’m going to expand upon my personal rules from yesterdays post.


15 thoughts on “Touching me is bad, very very bad

  1. Hah! I don’t like to be touched by strange types myself.
    I wouldn’t dream of grabbing a waiter… have some strange customers Ribeye.

  2. The rule of personal space…it differs from culture to culture but everyone EVERYONE is aware of it because EVERYONE is aware of what distance from another human makes them uncomfy. No excuse for such behavior. GROSS! Who knows what kind of germs he had? Blech! Bleach, anyone?

    Bud, Coors, Busch and then the REALLY cheap shit… it should ALL be banned from the WORLD permanently.
    Give me a nice Stella or a warm Guinness any day.

  3. Of all the things that annoy me about waitressing, this is the one I can’t stand above all others. I’ve had people grab my hand, harm, shoulders, waist, etc. and each time I have to fight down the impulse to inflict bodily harm. Seriously.

    These people come in, get all handsy, and see nothing wrong with it. At the same time, they’d never do the same thing to their bank teller. What gives?

    I love your rules.

  4. Hey Ribeye,

    Love your blog. I recently started reading it and I find myself shaking my head after each entry. Who knew the world was full of sooooooooo many assholes?

    Anyway, I recently started a blog of my own and have added you to my blogroll. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

    BNI Member

  5. I do not mind someone tapping my shoulder ONCE to get my attention. I usually give them the index finger up meaning one moment , please.

    That being said about 3 weeks ago I had a customer who was having a hard time. Not sure what the problem was but he was grumpy. I ended up having his food remade for him.

    Table #2 were 2 old ladies who ordered hot tea and took a long time to order. They did the changing of the menu Ribeye described. We do not serve liquor and the hot tea takes the longest of anything we serve. Hence our hatred of serving it.

    Anyways took food to old lady table, asked if need anything, napkins will be it they say. I pivot to grumpy old man. Asking him if everything was ok, handing him his check and giving him my goodbye spiel, I feel a tug on my sleeve. I turn slightly, give the index finger and try to continue with grumpy old man. Old lady is by now pulling on my arm so hard, I look like a fish flailing out of water. I say give me a moment. She continues. Please, let go of me but she won’t. I then turn around and scream WHAT TO DO YOU WANT? She says nothing from you. You are rude!Do not come back to my table. No problem. Everyone is staring at her. Don’t people realize when they banish you from their table, that means no service. No one and I mean no one is going to wait on them. I did have someone take them some water and their check but that was all. They are lucky I did that.

    I explain to manager what happened and refuse to go back to table. She of course leaves me a penny saying I was rude. I was rude? Yeah ok. Molest me and my arm and I was rude. She is a regular and next time I see her, I am placing a penny on her table and walking away.

    Grumpy old man did leave me $4.00 which was between 20-25% of his meal.

    In closing, I agree that no one has a right to touch us. If that makes me rude not wanting to be mauled by perfect strangers, so be it.

  6. This is, and has long been, one of my personal rules. Unfortunately ever since I started actually showing pregnancy from beneath my server, I’ve had multiple tables, guests, and strangers think it is perfectly acceptable to reach out and rub my belly.


  7. OMG!! i’d shit a brick. this exact same thing happened to me yesterday at work. this old guy at a table i was serving would NOT STOP touching me. i was trying to be nice and all he wanted was to have a conversation but i agree that touching is just simply not allowed unless initiated by the server.. or you’re a friend that it is already welcomed.

    man.. i would have said the same thing to him- that guy was out of line.

    did you get a better tip from the table that got a good laugh? hope so!

  8. Oh my God, I hate people who think they need to paw you just because you work somewhere.

    I had them do that shit to me when I worked for The Big Blue Home Improvement Warehouse. Yeah. The contractors that would come in would think they could tap my shoulder, or rub my arm, or pat my ass….that ended when I finally snapped at one man, “Look, I’ve been really patient with you to pick up on the hints and social cues that what you are doing is WRONG. If you fucking touch me again, I will put you on the floor. Do we have an understanding?”

    None of the goddamn contractors pawed me again. But then, I refused to take any shit from them anyway, so they got the hint pretty quickly after I started giving non-verbal cues, well, most of them did. And the non-verbal cues? Taking hands that were touching me and pushing them OFF me. Who doesn’t get the fucking hint with that?

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