“Hoveround, now you’re fit to make me hurl!!” Part Deux (thanks to a post on BW)

I saw a post on bitterwaitress.net forums a little while ago, about the hoveround, and it made me remember an old post I have…the original “Hovaround, now you’re fit to make me hurl” post. I’m expanding on that post tonight, mainly by posting these you see below….


2 thoughts on ““Hoveround, now you’re fit to make me hurl!!” Part Deux (thanks to a post on BW)

  1. I only wish this wheelie dealie chair for some.
    OMG…We have a regular 30 sumthin gal with a mild handicap who refuses to even get a electric wheelchair and expects everyone to push here around even though we have all seen her push herself.
    Her own family has attested to the fact that she can even use a walker. When she comes in she insists ..ALWAYS !!.. that she needs help to go outside for “air” or to the bar for a look-see or to the ladies room — and always tags a MALE bus boy, waiter or even another customer (always a guy) to wheel her around. They guy always feels like a jerk for refusing a handicapped person– so will concede and take 10 or 20 minutes farting around with her as she plays it up big time…oh…out to the parking lot for fresh air …or ..oh..to the waiting area to people watch or ..oh..i need to use the phone ..or I need to pee …or I need to see My friends that cook in the kitchen…or whatever.
    It peez me off because we all know she uses her disabilty as a black-mail tool.

    I have a handicapped brother who is wayyy worse off than she, he lost both legs and a hand in combat, he learned to drive and walk with prosthesis and refuses vehemently to even park in a handicapped zone.
    fucking entitlment cunts:
    OOOOh look at me, I’m disabled
    OOOh look at me, I’m a minority
    OOOh look at me my life sucks so YOU have to pander to meeee…………………
    Fuck right off..I say.

    Since we are near a hospital, we get many disabled , ill, handicapped and even totally blind customers who are overcomers and refuse to be treated “special” and may even try to downplay their disability…they are genuine and nice and kind and make it pleasant for busy servers…asking for their recommends.. although we are MORE THAN happy to take the time to read off the entire menu if they wish.
    Dont get me wrong, asshole entitlement junkies come in all races, creeds, colors, religions, disabilities and abilities…
    just as genuine nice, cool, people REGARDLESS of their handicap, minority , sexual resuasion WHATEVER are just that. Methinks there are two types of people…Assholes or Non Assholes.

    AND as Forrest Gump would say..that’s all I have to say about THAT.

  2. All sorts of coping methods for all sorts of people. This woman evidently learned early in life that she has to TAKE or she won’t GET. If that means manipulation, that’s what she’ll use. It’s sad, it really is, that someone is so desperately lonely.
    Kudos to those who do take a bit of time with her, BUT ~~ !!! .. for her sake it would be wonderful if at least one person would look her straight in the eyes and say “Ma’am, I want to thank you for including me in your life for a little while. I wish I had the resources to do more for you but I know you’ll be fine. I know you’re a strong lady even if you don’t think so. What I need to do now is get back to some work, so you take care. Bye-bye.”

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