Whistling at me will earn a stabbing

Continuing with our expansion of the Ribeye Commandments, today’s post is on rule #2. Do not yell, whistle, or clear your throat at me as soon as you sit down, especially if I am with another table. I cannot stress enough the importance of this rule. Not only does the sound of your shrill, brain curdling whistle not only discourages me from even venturing within a food of your table, it makes the other guests envision flaying your body as you writhe in agony then dancing around your body upon a flaming dais whilst they dance around your burning corpse in a ritual to Xipetotec. Gotta love the eloquence in my writing these days….

The problems that I and other servers have with your whistling and/or yelling at us is that we are not your fucking children. We are there to make sure you have an enjoyable experience, not to act as your personal body servants. If I’m at another table, taking their order or ensuring that they are having a good time and I hear you whistle or yell at me, I’m going to ignore you. The more you whistle, the more I ignore.

One example of this:

Two, maybe two and a half months ago, one Saturday night, I was one of 4 servers in our area, and we were slammed.


10 thoughts on “Whistling at me will earn a stabbing

  1. Yeesh. When I read your blog it makes me so, so very glad that I’m lucky enough to work in a bar with a primarily professional crowd. While they’re not always paragons of public behavior, I’ve never been whistled at.

  2. I totally understand the pain and pressure you went through with that lady and not to be racist but a lot of blacks are very irresponsible tippers. I’ve had delivery drivers deliver 40 dollars worth of pizza and not even get 2 dollars. Most of the blacks in our area are the ones that blame their problems on the white man and think that Jesse Jackson is the black Jesus Christ.

  3. So I was reading your post (it came to me in a Stumble) and at first I was feeling pissed off because this Saturday I went to a fine restaurant and I waited 45 mins to get bread, 45 min for my cold entree (which was 50 bucks) and 45 mins for my check. My server was double sat but there are full time busers and 25 tables with 12 full time servers. He was a total whiner. I was thinking at first that you weren’t considering the feelings of the customer who cannot just order their own food and get their own drinks … then I stopped myself and I am thinking now that your manager SUCKS.

    I was a server for 5 years at a Steak house called Damons. I met 12398459872346 people like this weave queen. You’re right, don’t EVER let someone talk to you like that. Don’t let people whistle at you or talk down to you, you are NOT a servant.

    I hope you didn’t “BEEEOTCH” them like “Waiting” 😉

  4. This is ridiculous. I seriously do not get people like that. I have never served, but from my observations is seems like modern slave labor. Really people like you just make me smile. I love it when some jack ass gets the most pleasant treatment in the world.

    I witnessed a similar situation at a restaurant that was busy. At the table behind us the server, who was ours as well, could not get anything right. Though in his defense the kitchen screwing up these peoples order was prob not his fault. But this table was just not going well. He was great at our table, but then again I am not one of the many inbred rednecks that infest the town. When all was said and done, I left my tip and probably theres too. And I told the manager on duty how wonderful are server was. Hope it helped.

  5. My wife served tables for awhile. I gained the utmost respect for servers from listening to her experiences. Now I don’t tip less than 40%. You deserve it.

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