No matter what you think, the customer is NOT always right!

The third Rule of Ribeye, Never ever ever pull out the line “The Customer is always right”.


11 thoughts on “No matter what you think, the customer is NOT always right!

  1. Oh, how I don’t miss waiting tables. You have WAY more patience that I ever did Ribeye.

    Way to hang tight, AND kudos to the manager for backing you up. I rarely had that at the places I worked.

    Managers were spineless cretins when it came to stuff like this.

    Keep the posts coming. I love your blob. Starts my day off!

  2. Thumbs up to the manager! And I hope something very bad happens to that woman. Good grief – who died and made her Elvis? It seems as though about 90% of your worst customers are women. There are times I am ashamed of my own sex.

  3. This sounds made-up, although I am sure similar things happen all the time. Entitlement being rampant and all.

    Are pre-Holiday weekends busy for you? Hope you can earn a mountain of $$$. 🙂

  4. As a boyfriend and son of people who are like the woman in your post, I feel better after reading it and I fully support you. I also feel better that I’m not the only one leaving a huge tip for the waiter after useless drama for no reason at all.

    If its like my situation, it happens quite a bit to the poor guy and his kids. Specifically, the getting there shortly before a place closes *eyes roll* after going through similar things before. I don’t even bring it up anymore since it only gets her in a bad mood, but damnit, if you’re returning something or expecting something timely don’t get there when the place is closing!

  5. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but here is an exchange I remember having with a “customer who was always right” shortly before I left the business:

    Guest: My wife and I have been coming here since this place opened, and since I do spend a lot my hard-earned money, I am entitled to expect a certain level of quality, both in food and in service. If that level of quality is not met, you can be sure I will voice my displeasure and demand satisfaction. The customer is ALWAYS right. Got that?
    Dennis: You seem angry.
    Guest: Wha

  6. I couldn’t even imagine being married to a bitch like that.

    The husband really should have at least said something to her, rather than just sit there and let her abuse you guys.

    At least he left a decent tip.

    Are you taking bets on whether she’ll come back to use the free dessert?

  7. Hilarious story. Definitely understand your position. Good policy your restaurant had. The one I worked at didn’t have a policy like that and if a customer came in late and wanted food, we had to serve them. The cooks were pissed.

  8. Ummm… I usually agree with you, but…

    I understand that you said, “The kitchen closed.”

    But most places that I’ve worked, the servers got the desserts together.

    Did you tell them, “The kitchen is closing, if you’d like dessert, please order it now, I won’t be able to get it for you after the kitchen closes?”

    I know, I know, I’ve been accosted by the folks who want shit after the place has closed down, but maybe it would be a good idea to let them know about the desserts being prepared by the kitchen.

    I’ve worked a lot of places (never any corporate chains, though), and it never would have occurred to me that the kitchen might make desserts. The prep kitchen did the baking, and then the servers did the cutting and serving

  9. Prime example (had to play manager for this idiot on sunday):
    Thank you for calling ::small chain resturant:: this is George how can I help you?
    yeah i want the 3 one topping 18’s for 24.99
    ok pick up or delivery?
    Sure what toppings would you like?
    orders his toppings….
    ok cash or credit sir? cash
    ok this is your total. yeah can i use my discount card?
    and i proceed to tell him that he cant add a discount on top of another discount cause i have like a fucking memory bank and i can remember customers and what they order and shit. A couple of weeks ago he tried to pull the same shit wanting to use his card and im like sir you tried it 3 weeks ago and didnt happen and it isnt gonna happen again. well he ends up refusing the delivery and i went and blocked his profile so he cant order from us again. prime example of the fact that dont try to make you on the right and me on the wrong cause you will lose.

    BTW he is a ghetto white boy with a black name (stupid name submission…. Reshawn)

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