Don’t order at last call

So tonight, everything was actually going pretty well, until last call was given.


14 thoughts on “Don’t order at last call

  1. That same thing happened to me tonight, only it was a 20 top. We did last call, and they were mad that we couldn’t serve them after that. Their response when I told them that it was illegal to serve them after the bar was closed was, “Well, it will be illegal for us to drive home after we have been drinking here.” Idiots! Since I wouldn’t bring them a pitcher of beer, they ordered two more rounds, at once. Sadly we can’t kick them out after close, since we are a restaurant, too, so they sat for an hour past close. We can’t add gratuity either, and the they left the two of us that served them 10%!!! This was after they got mad at us for not putting their beers in to go cups, saying that we follow the law two much and should have done it. I repeat, IDIOTS!

  2. A frustration most if not all servers can relate to. Ick!

    Although rude and inconsiderate (the table) you were equally as bad, if not worse. There are reasons there are closing times, a range within which people can order. If they up until ‘x’ time, they have until that time, even if they push it to the limit. If management wants it to be earlier, say kitchen closes one hour before the ‘bar’ (you’re a restaurant too btw, so that argument isn’t really accurate) does so people have ample time to eat, management needs to change that because it isn’t the customer’s fault.

    No way in hell would I have tolerated your behavior nor would I have scarfed down my meal and I would have pointed out the above mentioned reason(s). Even though I wouldn’t have tolerated your behavior, depending on how spiteful my mood, I probably wouldn’t leave, just to be that bitchy right back to you. Most likely, I would have ordered my food and left you to do your side work so as not to hold you up too much. (ordering, eating and leaving promptly)

    They walked out on a $100+ tab and threatened to come back? Wow, that’s ballsy. Although I believe in tipping 15% even if service is completely horrible, I have to tell you, I would have been highly tempted to not leave you even one penny if you acted the way you claim. I mean, WoW!

    It’s pretty bad when I can read about your behavior vs the customer’s and ALMOST side with the Sasquatchneesha trash.

    At least they didn’t order ghettoaid!

  3. *sigh*

    We had three tables totaling between 10-12 diners walk in the other night at closing time.

    Geez, don’t they realize how much that pisses off the kitchen? And who but a fool pisses off the person who is cooking their food?

  4. We ate at Red Lobster last night, and it was tremendously busy. An hour wait for a table for 2. We had an awesome server who unfortunately was running around like crazy. Definitely some ghetto trash to be found at this Red Lobster too. One guy wanted to order two drinks for himself at the same time. She quickly said “sir, I can only serve you one drink at a time, so which one do you want?” LOVED her snappy comeback!

    She even managed to take some time to talk with us, which I really loved. (We gave her a $25 tip on a $70 check)

  5. Wow. That sucks. It’s always the worst table too! I must say, you seemed to take it better than I would have. If they had asked me for dessert, I probably would have answered with something like, “You’re lucky you got to order your food…” and I probably would have told them, “Oh, I’m sooo sorry, we JUST ran out of pink lemonade…” just to fuck with them, but that’s just me. 🙂 You can say pretty much whatever you want with a smile on your face…teehee

  6. Jenna, I don’t think you understand what he was getting at. He HAD to abide by the last call/closing times, and advised the table of these times. They became beligerent.
    Where I work, the kitchen DOES NOT ACCEPT any orders after 12PM. So, if 11:50 rolls around and someone sits down, I tell them that the kitchen closes at midnight and they have 10 minutes to order, they better not argue. Because if they told me in a nasty way that I was rushing them and they demanded more time, I would give them a hard time right back. Unless they wanted me to ring the food in at 12:05, in which case the kitchen would toss the ticket and they wouldn’t get their food.
    Likewise, you will not get a drink from the bar after 12:15, and if you still have a drink on the table at 12:45, the manager will come by and take it from you. Not out of the building at 1AM? We will kick you out. Because if the cops decide to swing by at 1:01 and you are still in our building, WE will be fined for your stupidity.

    These people are lucky all they got was an attitude. Because honestly, if they tried this shit with me, I would have said “suit yourself” and then let them take their sweet time ordering. Then, when they tried to order “Oh, so sorry! The kitchen is closed! The grill and fryer are off! You’ll have to try again tomorrow, maybe a bit earlier, perhaps!”

  7. Ribeye did nothing but his job. Those people were just too dense to get it. The kitchen CANNOT stay open late for people who knew the kitchen was closing to begin with. It’s just that simple.

  8. I had the same problem on Friday. They came in to eat 10 minutes before the executive chef goes home for the night. They knew this, as they called ahead but came anyway. Both worked in the food service industry, which kinda of pissed me off. However, they were apologetic, fast and by far the friendliest table of the week – the $18.00 on $70 was also a kind gesture for making me stay at work 30 minutes late, however, because I was on overtime, it worked both ways!

  9. I agree he was doing his job. Where I live, there are actually cops at the bars at closing time to ensure people leave immediately. Any patrons there 5 minutes after closing will be arrested. It’s like a cattle round up.Head ’em up. Move ’em out.Head ’em up. Move ’em out. Raw hide!I am not kidding. They are very strict.

  10. Maybe “closing time” doesn’t ring a bell to some people. It means the store is “closed” as in shut off to the public. It does not mean “Come on in right before ‘closing time’ and sit until you are ready to leave.” Most servers are scheduled off about 30 minutes after closing time.

    When I managed a restaurant, as Ribeye can attest(he worked for me at the time), when closing time came I would go to tables that were there 15 minutes before and let them know of the closing. I also informed them the servers needed to close out their bills and the customers needed to be wrapping up their meals. Inconsiderate people deserve inconsiderate treatment. Period. Don’t come in right before people are supposed to get off expecting them to stay and placate you. Closing means get out. If you can’t be fast, go to McDonald’s.

  11. Now that is a horrible, horrible story. I do like that you can actually kick people out. Our kitchen closes WAY before our bar does, so our tables can camp for hours after the kitchen closes (if certain managers are on).

    When the kitchen closes I go around to my tables and let them know that the kitchen is closing and ask if they would like anything else as far as food goes. Once I did that and about 15 mins later a table told me they’d like to order dessert! Dessert *is* food but I knew they kind of got me on a technicality.

    Now I always add “ dessert, anything like that?” to my end of the evening spiel and I haven’t had a problem since.

    I really hate when people get annoyed when it’s the end of the night and it’s kind of obvious you want to go home. I mean, how do they feel when it’s 4:58pm and their boss comes by with more work for them to do.. you know?

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