People are so nice in the beginning of a busy shift….

But toward the end, they turn into evil crotch rotted demons.


18 thoughts on “People are so nice in the beginning of a busy shift….

  1. I think they should be a
    bowl of lemons” key, since lemons are not cheap, and that sugar and other sweetners should not be at the table unless coffee or unsweet tea is served.You know, in a perfect world. Cheers for charging for dressing!

  2. I agree. Tipping is a societal norm. Not something we “just” made up to line our pockets. Nontipping trash stay home. Nontippers in general too. I once had a woman apologize that she couldn’t tip me. See she was a single mom. I said yes ma’am I do understand because I’m a single mom too. My tips ARE my paycheck and pay for my child to survive… She just looked at me… If people cannot afford to tip, then do not go out to eat in a sit down restaurant. Go to Mickey D’s..Not rocket science.

    On a side note, I had a coworker fired for calling some “guests” ( I hate that term. They are customers) rednecky white trash in the BOH. He was fired for making “racist” remarks. When did redneck white trash become a race and this guy was white too. *rolls her eyes*

  3. The police would be hauling me away by the end of the night if I had to do your job. All the credit in the world to you Ribeye.

    A sidenote… I always tipped before I started reading your blog… I tip even better now.

  4. Sorry, but I’m fascinated with the “bowl of lemons” thing. I had never heard of this before I started reading your blog.

    So, how many lemons come in a bowl? Are they whole lemons? Are they free? Why wouldn’t someone just order lemonade? I’m confused.

  5. As you know I do not deal with ghetto trash very often. They tend to not eat osso buco and lamb chops. However, I deal with the nut case rich. Some of them will stiff you, or leave you in the neighborhood of 5% as well. It makes me realize that it’s the ghetto trash, and the eccentric rich people, who are probably a generation removed from trash anyway!

    PS Weird request of the week: a newspaper to read while eating with his wife. Yes, the man tried ordering the newspaper. I am so sorry your wife is so boring you have to read the paper while you eat.

  6. PricklyPete, if you want to know more about the lemon problem, search my blog for “Ghettoade” or “Ghetto-ade”. They get bowls of lemons for their free ice water and free sugar packets to make their free lemonade, that’s why they don’t order it. They seem to think that lemons are free to restaurants, and that’s why I charge for lemonade for each bowl. They’re not getting away with it anymore.

  7. upset waitress, we’re not all that bad. Remember, I don’t post much about my good experiences here because they’re just not that entertaining. I have a lot of awesome guests that come in, theres just a lot of trash mixed in with them. Late nights, the ghetto. Afternoon, redneck and white trash. Middle of dinner, from about 6-8 pm is when the best people come in.

  8. Ghetto-ade!!


    I don’t know how you put up with that. You lose $20/per $100 check. Knowing you’re most likely not getting tipped, I’d charge them for “exkra” napkins if I could.

    Hang in there!

  9. 5 people and up should definitely be auto grat!
    I agree, remove the sugar packets from the table altogether! Lobby for this! LOL

    You definitely should just tell people upfront that if they want more than two lemon SLICES per glass of water, you have to charge. Ask them if they see a fucking lemon tree out front and if they have any idea how much lemons cost even at ChinaMart.

    Nasty trash, with their disgusting vats of dressing. Please, in the future, charge for ALL extra sides of dressing/sauce. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn that their extravagant waste and wonton desires are NOT free. For Christ’s sake, point out that even McDonald’s charges for “exkra” sauce and ranch!

    I wouldn’t want to even think of the disgusting mess they left with 9 orders of “wangs” and one trillion wet naps.

    Die trash, die!

    Why does it cost so much? Bc it isn’t the effin’ KFC drive through and basic math would tell one what 9 orders of wings would approx be. (I’m asking too much here, aren’t I?) Cell phones have calculators, get to adding!

  10. Ribeye, what I don’t get is that tips ARE your paycheque; where I live, servers are paid by the hour regardless, and if they get tipped, it’s considered a bonus.
    I get the part that you have to divvy the tips so your kitchen and other staff are included, but from what I’ve seen in local restaurants (and I didn’t know it varied so widely), each server’s tip is for THAT SERVER. They haven’t ever made tipping into a ‘must’.
    I tip whatever I can when I can, but it’s not the same here as where you are, apparently. I’m still quite welcome wherever I’ve dined above the Mickey D level.

    So is this just a geographical thing? I’ve been wondering.

  11. Oh and may I add that the typical wage for a ‘middle-class’, family type restaurant here is about $10 an hour.

    … plus any tips.

    (someone said wages there are around $2 or $3??? .. that’s appalling.)

  12. Where was that Kim? US average is 2.13 an hour for servers without tips. How much did the food and drinks cost because when servers get more then 2.13 food and drink prices are much higher since the cost is passed down to the patrons.

    Notice the following words with tips in this quote “In 1997, there were 19,570 waiters and waitresses in Kansas who reported earning an average of $5.52 an hour, including tips, according to the most recent statistics available from the Kansas Department of Human Resources.”

  13. This is just one example of a job listing. It’s in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. I live in British Columbia, but this is a middle-of-the-road representation of server wages.
    Although it’s lower than what I estimated, it’s still more than $2.13 an hour, so that’s why I was so astonished by hearing that your tips are virtually your BULK INCOME.
    Sheesh, no wonder you get sore when someone doesn’t tip! I just had always viewed tipping as a nice thing to do, rather than a stiff when I didn’t.
    If I ever visit the States, I’ll be sure to tip generously. VERY VERY generously.

  14. haha, sorry, forgot to include the job posting. *Doh!* My bad.
    This site lists jobs all over Canada, it seems, even though it’s based in Toronto, Ontario.
    Here it is:
    Restaurant Help Wanted
    Employer: Confidential
    Source: Newspaper Ad
    Location: Saskatoon, SK Canada
    Date: 11-19-2007
    F/T OR P/T Waiter/ess in Confederation Inn Restaurant. Starting wage is $8.80/hour. Apply in person to Sherry… read more
    — page URL—

  15. *ahem* ~ to answer the question of how much the food costs, here’s a menu example from a Smitty’s, which would qualify as a middle-of-the-road chain.

    .. since I don’t know average food prices where you live, I don’t have a frame of reference for if our wages mean the food costs more.
    For example, Ribeye, how much would a side order of fries cost? .. or a bowl of soup?

    Give me some idea of context.

  16. 2 or 3 dollars lower per item then average on that menu but we don’t see portion sizes nor sides. American meals are fairly huge with a lot of sides and other stuff added that is free to boot. As for fries usually a 1.99 if it was from a place that didn’t serve burgars say an Italian restaurant and gravy is a thing that would be freely put on stuff if asked for in most places that offered it. In other words 99% of restaurants that offer fries they are free and it’s usually a decent sized plate.

    Often people take the rest of their meal back with them since there is too much food.

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