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Here lately, I feel I’ve gotten a bit stagnant with my posting, not in the quantity or even so much the quality, but I have to post some new things other than just bitching. Here are some of the new things that you’ll see coming up:

  • Weekly Feature Article: Starting every Monday or Tuesday night, depending on if I get it up tomorrow or not, I’m going to have a weekly article on something. This week it’s either going to be something on the downfall of service quality in restaurants, or the constant mistreatment of restaurant employees who aren’t in the front of the house. It’s going to be one of those, I just haven’t decided which one it’s going to be. I’m also happy to take suggestions on articles that I should write, just e-mail them to me and I’ll gladly give them consideration.
  • More polling: I’ve found that the polling is just something fun that I do every week, and it gives me something to look forward to every Friday night when I get off work, thinking up new polls and new ideas. Once again, I’m delighted to take suggestions from you, my faithful happy readers, and yes even you, the hateful unhappy readers. Just e-mail them to me.
  • RagingServer Store: I’ve got the Cafe’ Press account up and running, now I’m just trying to get the store actually set up. You’ll see t-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, coffee mugs, and who knows what else there. I’m planning to launch the store by Black Friday, depending on how things go this week, but it’ll definitely be up by the end of next week, just in time for the beginning of the Holiday Shopping season. From the e-mails I’ve already gotten I’m hoping the store is going to be a success but I’m not getting my hopes up too much.
  • More videos: Depending on the topic, I’m going to try and find videos from youtube or other sources, maybe even some from my personal life taken with my trusty Treo 700, give you a glimpse without actually revealing my secret identity.
  • More of the bitching and raging you’ve all come to know and love!

I also just want to thank you all for your constant visits to my site. would not be the place it is today without the help of you, the readers, and you, the people who have links to my page. Thanks to you all, I hit 35000 hits this past Friday, and the numbers are going up. You’ve all made me so very happy, and I hope I can keep doing the same for you….wow…I had an actual tear form in my eye…sorry guys and gals, just got a little emotional there. Just gotta give credit to you all. Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to

  1. CONGRATS on your success with this blog! It’s much deserved, you and Madness: Tales of an emergency room nurse are the best blogs I’ve read, period, hands down!

  2. Well, since you said it, I’m also hoping you ‘get it up’ tonight. I look forward to my daily dose of server rage every morning; it’s better than coffee!

    Co-incidentally, here’s something I stumbled across recently: — an attempt to automatically recognize stupid comments based on irregular capitalization, run on sentences, and other grammatical boners. Coming in early 2008, I imagine it’ll be hacked into various blogging software as an option within weeks. Might warm the cockles of your heart, just thinking about it …


  3. Oh! One more thing. I come here for sole purpose of reading bitchy, snarky retellings of your behavior and to shake my head in amazement at the dregs of trash society you serve. 99.99% of the time, you handle it helluva lot better than I would.

    Pleasy don’t stop the bitchy stories! It’s why we come here!

  4. Don’t forget the Ghetto/trash names of the week!
    I see you were running scarce of male names…check your in box — these are fer real. The source of which I disclose in my e-mail 🙂

  5. and thanks to you, ribeye, for keeping this blog going like a champ. out of all the service blogs i read, you are the only one who is able and willing to come out with quality reading almost every single day. if you ask me, you beat the shit out of waiter rant. i love this blog and i’m so glad that i found you! i manage a fast food joint (gotta do something to get thru school), and your raging really helps me through my day. thanks so much, and keep it up!

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