Weekly Feature Ideas

I touched on this in a previous post, when I talked about what all is coming up for RagingServer, and I’ve already had the first feature article. My partner is helping me figure out a way to have the features on a separate page that’s set up really nice, but until then they’re just going to be in a separate category. I have working titles I’m going to share with you, and I might post one before next week, but now let’s get to the original purpose of this post.

I need article ideas. These, like I said before, are going to be a little different than normal posts in that there’s not going to be as much bitchery as information for the general public, and if it happens to get picked up by something like Consumerist.com or Gridskipper.com or something like that, then that would be awesome. Please either e-mail your ideas to me or post them into comments. I’ll give credit to those who either give me ideas or who contribute information or sources.

Some of the future articles that I’ve already decided on are:

Drug Abuse in the Service Industry

Mistreatment of Service and Kitchen Support Employees

Avoiding Burnout

Service Industry Theft

Allergy Advisement

Sexual Harassment of Servers

Those are just a few that I thought of just now, while riding in the car….gotta love mobile internet cards for laptop computers. These are only a few ideas though, and if it’s going to be a weekly — sometimes twice a weekly — column, then I’m definately going to need some more. Also, I may be e-mailing some of you that have commented on my posts to ask you some questions pertaining to these different topics, almost like a real reporter would do, so don’t be surprised if a few of you get an e-mail from me out of the blue. By the way, I’d just like to say thanks in advance for all of your help with this. Once I get a few articles, I’m going to send some of them to a couple of the local free newspapers here in Nashville in the hopes that some of the public might read my opinions.

More of the regular coming soon, and I’ll probably post one of the above articles tonight; I’m off work so I don’t have a recent war story for you.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Feature Ideas

  1. this may fit into the “avoiding burnout” category. should we look into why service bloggers burn out on their blogs? i have seen so many great service blogs stop posting completely for a time, and then come up with a “this blog is dead” post. most of the time they say that they are going to stop blogging because they are sick of writing about the industry, or they quit their service job, or whatever. why is it that these people dont realize that their readers dont come to their blogs over and over, every day, for work specific stories? we keep coming back because we like their writing style and their online personality. just because they cant write about shitty customers or rough shifts doesnt mean they dont have anything to write about. are they quitting these blogs because they dont want to write anymore, or becuase they are sick of writing about restaraunt work? i have seen many blogs die because of this, and a few others survive and prosper when the readership demanded more stories, regardless of specific subject matter.

    industry blog burnout? just a thought.

  2. without talking to the owners of the defunct blogs i’ll never know why they’re now dead blogs. Perhaps they just stopped the job. I will always have plenty of stuff to write about, because I believe I’m one of the lifers. The one who enjoys his job, even with the bad. I write about the bad and people might think i don’t enjoy my job, but I really do. I just don’t talk about the good that much, it’s just not that entertaining

  3. The features are a great idea. How about something on the Power Trippers – speculations on why certain customers feel entitled to use & abuse service workers? So many people leave their manners at the door when they enter a restaurant. I have no idea why, but I guess someone who’s been working in the field for a long time would have formed their own opinions on this.
    Not an article idea, but how about an ‘Overheard by Ribeye…’ feature in the style of overheardinnewyork.com ? stupid things said by stupid people = great reading.

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