Drug Abuse in the Service Industry



2 thoughts on “Drug Abuse in the Service Industry

  1. i work in the medical as a CNA… drugs are RAMPANT in the health-care field from the lowest of the low to the highest position. Nurses & doctors are usually addicted to the hard stuff (morphine, oxycontin) and are usually on some sort of anti-depressant (i still consider those drugs i mean their called mood stabilizers for a reason) when you go lower on the food chain you get the meth heads, heroin addicts (rare), pot smokers. I live in Oregon and pot smoking is a way of life here. They were losing so many qualified workers with their drug tests they started doing saliva tests (which rarely catches the pot smokers). And of course pharmaceuticals (sp?) because being a CNA is back breaking work most of us have legitimate prescriptions which a lot of the more enterprising ones sell. ALSO you wouldn’t beleive how many patients are in on the drug racket. They sell their pain pills for increased income and control their pain with weed. The reason Dr.’s and nurses bitch so much about addicts is because their surrounded by them on a daily basis and when everyone you know is an addict well, the people coming in complaining of pain must be addicts too. I have seen nurses order pain pills for dead patients, put bottles of morphine in their pockets, steal bottles of morphine and fill it with water, etc. etc. etc. they even have to worry about people going through sharps containers for discarded meds…. so 90% of dr.’s, nurses, and aids are fucked up somehow. Not to even mention with the high stress of our jobs most of us are walking around on tranquilizers…. sorry for the long post but you asked.

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