The Thanksgiving Shift

Yes, I had to work tonight.


6 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Shift

  1. It sucks that some people will not tip no matter what but especially when it’s a holiday.

    I had to work a double shift today. 11am-930pm. I am very satisfied with what I made. My last table stiffed me but I was in too good a mood to care. She never tips anyways but oh well.

    Good luck on the job.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog about a week ago. I work in the industry as well (I’m the manager guy that has to go out and say “I’m so sorry that you feel your server was being rude they were only doing exactly what they’re suppose to do” and then depending on the circumstance and how rude the ‘guest’ was go and congratulate the server on keeping their cool). I love reading some of things in your blog and going “YUP— I can totally relate”. Main reason for the comment… GOOD FOR YOU on not tolerating hate in your blog! There are stereotypes in this world, and I’m glad to see that you share the belief that people should not judged based on the stereotype but rather judged for promoting the actions which which fuel the stereotype. Good for you!

    Good luck on the job and best regards and speedy recovery for your partner!

  3. It’s full service, just like anywhere else in the building. It’d be different if it were just a snack bar, but people know that it’s full service. They SHOULD and I use that term loosely, they SHOULD know to tip the same as anywhere else in the restaurant, being that it’s the exact same menu and servers, but you may be right. Maybe they need some education.

  4. Ribeye, I just wanted to l;et you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I also work in the industry, right now waitressing at an upscale yet casual restaurant. Your blogs always make my day. Keep up the good work and good luck with the bartending!

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